Why Your Halloween Decor Is Not Completed Without Fog Effect


You Must Have a Fog Effect For Halloween

Fog Effects For HalloweenThere is one little thing most people miss when they decorate their front yard for Halloween, and that is to add the ‘spice’ which makes the decoration come alive. Looking at props and yard decorations is one thing, looking at a yard filled with low fog, with the props is a whole different thing.

Adding fog effects to your Halloween party can elevate any decoration you may have prepared. Think of all the scary movies you ever seen, the zombies show up from the mist or a foggy graveyard. The fog is always moving, it’s fading, it’s is pushed around by the wind and even a static scene turns alive.

Adding a Fog To Your Halloween Decor

animatronics halloween prop 2014Adding a fog to the front yard or your backyard is easy. Today fog machines are small and compact. Their fog is safe for indoor and outdoor use, safe for pets and people.

You need to test the air direction before you determine where to put the fog machine. You need the fog to blow with the air and cover the front yard. If the wind is sideways, place the fog machine in a place where the wind will carry the fog on the props and decorations.

Add Lights To The Fog

easy Animated Air Blown Cat with Moving HeadIf you use a fog machine you will notice the only thing which can be seen through heavy thick smoke are lights. This means you can plan the light spots location behind the Halloween props so together with the fog, they could be seen as dark shadows.

Some Halloween props have LED light eyes and inner illumination. These will be seen through the smoke rising from the fog machine.

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Wireless Remote For Fog Machine

One way to control the fog machine is to use a wireless remote control. With these remote control accessories, you can decide when the fog machine will begin to puff out smoke and mist and when it will stop. By this you can have more control over the decoration scene you created.

The fog machine can be used together with other animated decorations,which move and make sounds to add realistic scary effect to your home holiday decoration.


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