Veranda Grill Cover Vs Weber Premium Cover


Veranda Grill Cover Vs Weber Grill Cover

There are currently two main outdoor grill covers most people buy for their patio grills. The Veranda grill cover and the Weber grill cover. There are many covers for all grill shapes and sizes, all made to protect your grill during the winter and wet season, so it will be ready for spring outdoor cooking!

Which grill cover is best? Is the Weber cover better for Weber gas grills? Here we collected the main features and specs and compared them for you, so you can decide which grill cover is best for you.

Weber grill cover Vs Veranda Grill Cover

Grill Cover Size Comparison

Weber Primium Grill Cover 2015The Weber Premium Cover which fits Genesis E-S Series, is larger than the Veranda barbecue grill cover. The Weber measures 30 inches by 60 inches by approximately 50 inches. Which is wide enough to slide over the Weber Genesis grill line. The Veranda cover is smaller 24 by 58-inch. There are pros and cons for size. Larger covers are more easy to slip over. Larger covers will also flap in strong winds (unless fastened at the bottom). In this feature the Weber has an advantage.

Grill Weather Cover Materials

Veranda BBQ grill cover outdoor coverThe Weber BBQ cover is made of heavy-duty vinyl. The fabric is durable and water resistant. The Veranda is made of water-repellent/resistant PVC under-coating. Both PVC and Vinyl are basically similar – As Vinyl is part of the PVC composition: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). Here the Weber has a drawback, as Vinyl is essentially plastic, it can expand and crack under extreme temperatures. So for Minnesota weather the Veranda will last longer.

Grill Cover Design

The Weber is delivered in a dark cover which is more elegant, the Weber grill cover is also branded with the Weber LOGO! Which means everyone will see you have a Weber grill!! The veranda is a weather cover bag, with sand color, and no “shape”. No branding logo. The Weber is a premium cover and it shows.

Added Features

Veranda grill cover handlesThe Veranda grill cover has a splash-guard skirt which will keep rain splashing under the cover rusting your grill wheels. It has click-close straps for secure placement, these will help reducing wind flapping when covering smaller grills (below 58 inches wide). There is also an adjustable elastic hem cord with toggle for a tight custom fit.

Grill Cover Cost Comparison

The Veranda price is lower than the Weber, you can find it as one of the best selling grill covers at Amazon. Click below to find more:


Before you store your grill for the winter, clean it, make sure it is dry, and placed out of gush winds. If you store it indoors detach the propane cylinders and keep them outside.

Cover all gas hose openings with plastic bags, so they do not collect humidity and insects. You can store your grill accessories in an outdoor deck box which is also protected from rain and snow.

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