UV Protection For Patio and Yard Umbrella


Sun Umbrellas Can Reduce UV Radiation In Back Yard

Sun Umbrellas For UV Protection Back YardWhen you’re sitting out there on the patio with family and friends for whatever occasion during the summer months, the sun’s rays are beaming down. That’s okay because you have sunscreen on, and there is a patio umbrella or two out there for shade, right? Perhaps even a tree is providing some shade.

However, it really does matter which patio umbrella you choose for shade, for two separate reasons. For one, while you are protecting yourself from the sun’s UV rays using the umbrella, what is protecting the umbrella fabric? The sun is going to beat down hard on that umbrella fabric, fading it and causing wear and tear along with the other elements.

That is why you need a fabric that is UV resistant, which of course also helps protect you better from the sun, too. You’ve seen the little dainty umbrellas for a backyard patio. They would serve better covering a single person on the beach. Then, there are the really nice, very large patio umbrellas made of the right fabrics that are protected from the sun and in turn provide better protection for you and your family.

UV Protection Patio Sun Umbrellas

These come in a variety of sizes and of course designs. It’s much easier to look at your options online so that you can search for specific types of umbrellas made with the right fabrics and that meets your other needs. Have you seen the crank models, where you crank the umbrella for just the right setting?

An effective sun umbrella needs to be wide enough so you can sit under it comfortably without your elbows getting sun light, and the person with you getting their back baked by UV.

An effective UV sun umbrella should have a tilt option. The sun moves through the sky, the angle changes every hour. It’s not you who should be moving your patio chair every time, it’s the sun umbrella which should be tilted to give better protection.

UV sun umbrella for patioA real UV sun umbrella does not only “shade”, the fabric itself should be UV resistant. It should be able to filter both UVA and UVB. Any shade will block the short UVB rays, but in order to block UVA which are the longer rays, and cause color fading special fabrics are required. Cheap sun umbrellas usually have a canopy which is semi transparent nylon, that shade from UVB only, so sitting under them do not protect you from UVA.

Get a long lasting UV shade umbrella for your patio.

With the right UV protection patio sun umbrella, you can have adequate shade whenever desired. Then, when it’s time to get off the patio and back in the pool, you’re ready to go. Don’t let that summer heat get the best of you!

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