Using Small Pool Vacuum Cleaners


Small Pool Vacuum Cleaners

When you have outdoor pools of any kind, whether they are small above-ground pools, wading pools, or small fish ponds, it is handy to have available small pool vacuum cleaners. When outdoor debris builds up from the wind and rain, having a good little vacuum is very helpful.

These smaller vacuums will have an underwater delivery system, meaning that you can use it underwater. Of course that makes sense, for a pool vacuum right. These vacuums will work with electricity, so they will have a waterproof cord that will connect to an electrical outlet.

The underwater system will suck the water through a nozzle or hose, and then exit the debris through a hose out to the ground somewhere or into a filter bag.

When leaves, sticks, paper, and algae all combine on the floor of your pool or pond, it’s time to vacuum. Most of these vacuums can be picked up for under $200 and they really keep a pool clean. It is amazing the difference that a nice vacuuming job will make with any pool, if it is done fairly often and by using a good vacuum device.

Pool Blaster Cordless for Less than $150

Small pool vacuum cleanerLightweight and easy to use: No hoses or cords needed

  • Quickly removes all debris, leaves, sand, and even algae
  • Rechargeable battery
  • No messy hoses or additional pumps
  • Reusable filter bag


Some types of devices, hook up your garden hose, and the water make a “U-Turn” at the head, which creates a vacuum effect, carrying out the debris as the water goes back out. The only problem with this method if you do not have real strong water pressure, this method will not work well.

You really need a motorized suction system to clean your pool with no hassle. You should get a vacuuming device that has a wide enough mouth so that it will pick debris, leafs, insects and twigs. There are many types of small pool vacuum cleaners available, so shop around and you’ll find what you need.

cleaning  patio pool with vacuumApart from the fact no one likes to swim or sit in a pool filled with dead bugs, roaches and insects.

Using a small low cost vacuum cleaner for your pool, is important to reduce the dirt and clogging of filters and nozzles in the water circulation system. Fixing those can be quite costly.

Preventing Dirt in Pool

If you want your pool to be kept clean between dips, you can consider to get a pool cover, which can reduce the amount of debris and insects floating in your pool. There are covers for oval pools and also covers for regular rectangle pools.

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