Turn Your Backyard Pool To a Cool Movies Cinema


Make Your Pool a Floating Movie Theater

pool-cinema backyard theaterIf you have a backyard pool, that as the summer heads in, and the evenings are warm and a night dip is a great way to end the day. Here is one more idea to enjoy your private pool in a whole new way. You can turn your pool into a private cinema and enjoy the best seats in the house.

In order to have the perfect cinema experience in your backyard pool, there are some things you will need.

  1. A portable screen.
  2. A powerful projector.
  3. Floating pool lounge.
  4. A floating pool table for your snacks & drinks.

Poolside Wide Screen

A poolside wide screen is an accessory you must have to fulfill the pool theater experience. Since you will not be too close to the screen, and the projector can not be in side the pool, the screen has to be large enough to capture the movie from some distance away.

poolside cinema screenThere are plenty of wide screens for outdoor movie watching. The screen you need should be self standing or easy to port, you do not want it to flip over in any light breeze. It can be left outside for several nights, but should be folded to protect it from day time elements like sun UV and gusty winds.

One of the most recommended wide screens for poolside cinema is the Camp Chef OS-144 Outdoor Movie Screen which comes with a carry bag for frame and screen. (see image above)

A Descent Movie Projector

If you are planning to watch movies at day time or evenings you need a projector with 2000 lumens at least. If you know you will be watching movies only at dark evenings and at night, than any projector will do.

pool projector for backyard cinemaYou will need a small table for the laptop or tablet, and for the projector. With a long cord for the power to reach them both. Make sure the electricity is in a safe distance from the pool and from areas people cross or walk by with their wet feet.

Most projectors do not have internal speakers loud enough to enjoy an action movie outside. So bring two PC speakers out also to get the sound effects you need when watching a movie. Place the speakers away from the pool.

If you do not have a decent outdoor projector check this Epson 2800 lumens HD projector from Amazon.

For your safety make sure all the power cables and cinema accessories are away from any accidental possibility of falling to the pool.

Floating Lounge Chairs For Pool Theater Seats

Up to here was the technical part of preparing a pool “drive in” theater in your yard. Now is the fun part for your new poolside cinema. You can’t stand in the water for a whole movie, and sitting outside on the pool side is not as exciting as it should be.

Pool Cinema floating lounge seatsYou need a couple of floating lounge chairs, so you could lay back and enjoy an action movie or a romantic comedy or drama while floating peacefully in the water.

Regular pool beds are usually too thin and not very stable to sit and watch a movie. You do not want to worry whether you are about to flip into the water every second.

Get a luxurious floating seats with a detachable wind-resistant nylon  cabana top which you can remove at night so you can watch the movie from inside the pool. A luxurious floating lounge needs to be suitable for a long Hollywood treat.

Now this is a way to watch outdoor movies from your pool! Get this floating luxurious lounge from Amazon for the best VIP seats in your pool. It is so stable you can bring your phones and remote control into it too, without to worry they will get wet or fall to the pool.

You are in the movies, and you need your drinks and popcorn close by. You can not eat if you are on a thin wet floating bed. That’s why this pool seat is one of the best solutions for turning your backyard into a movie theater. It includes a 16 QUART COOLER with a zippered lid, cup holders, rope grommet, and molded handle.

How do you get in and out of this treasure island lounge? You can either dip into the pool from the center swim porthole or by the side boarding platform.

Invite Your Guests To a Special Pool Party

Pool Lounge Floating For two PeopleYou can invite your guests to a special pool party. Play all day, and as soon as evening falls, and the dusk light becomes dim, connect the projector, speakers and laptop. Set up the portable outdoor screen. Get the popcorn machine to work. Inflate the luxurious floating lounge and let the show begin!

If you are looking for a adults birthday idea for your loved one, how about to watch together a private hot movie in the backyard pool.

Check this short funny clip and see the floating lounge…

You can watch your favorable sports event from the pool too. You can do this for your kids and let them watch their funny cartoons as they are inside the pool.

Get this luxurious pool lounge from Amazon with all the fun features to make your pool the coolest place at home.


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