Top 3 Inflatable Airblown Halloween Decorations


Inflatable Airblown Halloween Decorations

When Halloween time arrives, everyone wants to decorate their front yard in a unique way, making it stand out from all the regular Halloween decorations. Airblown inflatable Halloween props are great to stand out and owe you neighbors and people who drive by your house. These are large, colorful, mighty decorations, which stand tall and will be seen from any distance.

They are very easy to assemble, unpack and inflate. They can be used for outdoor decoration or for indoor use. They are wacky and funny, and children love them as they are not too frightening like the decorations teenagers love which include dead body parts and twisted zombies holding axes all around a graveyard.

Here are top three inflatable Halloween props you can find on Amazon, those with high customer reviews which ensure you are getting a value for money airblown decoration.

7 Foot Long Halloween Inflatable Grim Reaper on Motorcycle

7 Foot Long Halloween Inflatable Grim Reaper on MotorcycleThis is one of the most unique decoration for Halloween. Suitable for outdoor use, to be placed on your front lawn, or garage drive way. Since it is light weight, it can be placed even on the roof or on a porch to make sure it is well seen. Remember when it comes to Halloween decorations for front yard, it’s all about location. Where you place the prop, where is it most standing out, and seen from most angles.


  • Self Inflates in Moment
  • Lights Up for Better Nighttime Viewing
  • Deflates Back Down for Easy Storage
  • Everthing Included: Inflator Fan, Ground Stakes and Tethers

There are few items left, so click here to get your 7 Foot Long Halloween Inflatable Grim Reaper on Motorcycle.


Airblown Inflatable – Halloween Inflatable Haunted Tree & Ghosts

This is a fun decoration for your Halloween party. Kids love this one because the tree shakes and moves back and forth! It’s tall! The faces are scary but not too scary. Like the rest of the inflatable decorations it can be used for indoor or outdoor use.

The prop is self inflatable, and has inner lights so it will draw attention during the day and during the night. Placing it at the front yard, or back yard and adding small decorations and Halloween theme around it, and you are all set to go.

Airblown Inflatable - Halloween Animated Black Haunted Tree Ghosts Shakes

Find more on price and shipping from Amazon for this Halloween Inflatable Shaking Haunted Tree & Ghosts.


Animated Air Blown Cat with Moving Head

Animated Air Blown Cat with Moving HeadOne of the most popular animated Halloween air blown decorations, is the BIG black cat with glowing eyes. This cat is self inflating, and has a moving head, which cause all children to cheer in delight! The inner lights glow in the dark so you can put it outdoor or indoor, depending on your party and needs.

The black cat head moves, it’s body shakes, eye shine in the darkness. Like the other inflatable animated decorations, it is not too scary for younger kids, and will not cause any one nightmares. Elevate your front yard decoration with this Animated Air Blown Cat with Moving Head.


One more useful feature: One of the best things about these Halloween inflatable props is that once he holiday is over the air can be let out, the decoration shrinks back to a very easy to store flat sheet. So unlike the impressive animatronic decorations, which needs to be stored as is, the animated airblown decors are much more convenient to store until next year.

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