This Will Help You Decide – Wood Vs Natural Gas Fire Pit


Wood Vs Natural Gas Fire Pit

Outdoor fire pit tableAs fall is coming our way, many homeowners begin to wonder, how can they extend their family time and patio time deeper into the last month of the year. Buying a home fire pit is a great solution to enjoy longer hours day and night in the patio.

It doesn’t matter if you have a wooden deck or a paved patio, if you are planning to sit on the lawn or at a poolside, an outdoor fire pit will certainly upgrade your pleasure from the patio. The man question most homeowners have, is which is best? A wood burning fire pit or a natural gas fire pit (propane). There is no certain answer, it depends on your preferences. We will try and lay down the pros and cons to help you make the right choice for you.

Portable Fire Pits (Wood & Natural/Propane Gas)

Outdoor wood fire pitBoth gas and wood fire pits can be portable, so they have the same advantage you can place them any where you like and enjoy their warmth at any area in your patio. But that is not totally true, all natural gas fire pits need the gas hose to reach the place you plan to sit. So if you want the fire pit at a unique location, a wood fire place will be better as it can be placed anywhere regardless of gas line.

Propane gas fire pits can be moved anywhere. They need the propane cylinder somewhere close by. Some have a designated place under the table. These fire pit tables are more premium, more elegant for dinners and guests. They have not only place for fire but a table around for plates and drinks. Fire pit tables are less portable than the smaller outdoor pits, and are not meant to be moved,

Lighting and Keeping FirePropane Gas Outdoor Fire pit

Lighting a natural gas fire pit is easy as lighting a TV. A wood fire pit requires having wood logs and some fire starter. Gas is certainly more easy to light and to maintain. It never goes out. A wood fire needs to be kept burning by adding logs and keeping the flames at the size you wish. There is no doubt that burning wood has a better smell and “flavor” if you are planning to use the fire pit as a BBQ grill. Cooking or grilling food over log fire is more aromatic. Natural gas or propane has ‘gas smell’ and lacks the primitive lusts an open fire has..

Safety – Wood Vs Natural Gas Fire Pits

Gas fire pits have more advantages as they are smokeless, they will not fill the house with fire smell. On top of this there are no flying embers when lighting natural gas fire. Once the fire is out there is no worry from embers left burning and flying off.

Wood fire pits are less expensive they are made of sturdy iron, and except the base and the bowl there is not mush technology in them. Many of them come with a bowl net, which ay reduce most of the ember that can fly off at windy evenings.

Natural gas fire pits cost more as they have a full gas instillation under their bowl.

In some states wood logs may be cheaper than gas, especially in rural areas where people log their own fire wood. Gas is fairly cheap, it depends on how many nights you plan to light the fire. It’s one of the best ways to enjoy a chilly evening in your patio.

Here are top offers and best selling outdoor fire pits from Amazon:

Landmann USA Big Sky Fire Pit – Wildlife

Outdoor wood fire pit

  • Outdoor fire pit with spark screen and poker
  • Wildlife cutouts glow for a unique nighttime ambience
  • Black finish for less cleaning
  • Includes full-size cooking grate; full-diameter handle


Click here to buy this sturdy (and no’1 best selling) wood fire pit.


Heininger Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit

Gas Outdoor Firepit

  • Used for camping, backyards, patios or tailgating
  • Burns clean and smokeless
  • Outland Fire Bowl distributed by Heninger
  • Light weight and easy to carry
  • Includes 10 foot hose with attached regulator
  • 19 inch diameter all weather fire pit

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Uniflame Gas Outdoor Firebowl with Decorative Tile Mantel

Gas Outdoor Firepit Table
  • 30,000 btu stainless stel burner
  • Accessible control panel with electronic ignition
  • Tile mantel with steel bowl
  • Includes white glass kit, cover
  • Lp tank not included


Premium fire pit table, gas fueled, with tile mantel and white glass kit.


Though a wood burning fire pit is best for those who are connected to mother nature they might be better for those who go camping and without a “real” fire feel they miss the connection.

Most of the people prefer a gas fueled fire pit for their patio. These gas fueled (propane or natural) are more convenient to light and to manage. The fire is smokeless and more enjoyable to sit by. You can control the heat and the height of the flames. It is just as portable as wood bowl pits.

We favor the gas fire pits for all these reasons, the mess with the wood logs and fire hassle is not as adventurous for everyone.

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