The Best BBQ Grill Cover For Winter 2015


2015 BBQ Grill Covers For Winter

best bbq grill cover 2014When 2015 winter winds arrive, it’s a sign that the BBQ parties and grilling food outdoor are over. The outdoor grill like the rest of the patio furniture needs to be covered to protect it from winter weather elements. Not that outdoor furniture doesn’t need to be covered properly, but the grill requires special attention, because it has ‘moving parts’ which weather elements and rust can ruin.

An outdoor grill is not designed to get wet in any form, and there is the safety issue, regarding propane hose and valves which must be properly dry for safe use in the spring.

No matter which winter cover you have, the BBQ grill must be cleaned before it is covered and stored. If you plan to store the grill indoors, the propane cylinder should be detached and kept outside. Keeping a gas cylinder in a closed room or garage, could be unsafe, and even dangerous, if gas leaked and pressure is built in a closed storage room.

Weber 2014 Grill CoverPropane grills need to be covered for winter, regular charcoal grills, do not have ‘moving parts’, but can catch rust, debris, pooling water with leaves and bugs, which is unpleasant for an outdoor cooking station.

In image Weber grills official cover + logo.

The cover needs to be wide enough to slip over the grill. Most outdoor grills are up to 58-60 inches wide. If the cover is too tight, it may eventually get torn in the corners and sides.

Another feature is anti splash skirts, these are located at the bottom of the cover, if the grill is left outside, they cover the lower part from rain splashing at the propane shelf.

Another feature you will find at the top notch of the winter grill covers, is click-close straps for secure placement. When the winds get stronger, the cover can be ripped off by a sudden gush of wind. The security straps are important to keep the cover in place in all wind types, so you do not wake up and find your grill cover up the tree top.

2014 grill cover handlesSome covers have also adjustable elastic hem cord with toggle, these will help tighten the cover to the grill so they do not flap like crazy in the winds also, and will cause erosion of the cover.

The cover itself has to be waterproof and must be weatherproof, so freezing climates do not crack the fabric. Some covers come with built in handles for easy covering and uncovering the grill.

These might seem like little things, but in the long run a winter grill cover which has these features will determine if the BBQ cover will last for one season or more.

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