How To Set Up a Quick & Easy Sukkah 2015

Instant Easy Sukkah For Sukkot As September is arriving, Jews around the world know that the Jewish New Year festivals are just around the corner. The Rosh ha Shana (new year) will be followed by the Yom Kippur day and Continue reading

How To Build a Kosher Sukkah In The Back Yard

Sukkah Wooden Lumber For Construction At Home

Tips For Building a Kosher Sukkah Jewish festivals have so many details, it’s sometimes difficult to make out which are important, an which are not. If you want to build a kosher Sukkah in your back yard or garden,¬†follow these Continue reading

Folding Patio ‘Pop Up’ Sukkah Solution + Schach

Back Yard Sukkah

No Trouble ‘Pop Up’ Folding Sukkah It’s Rosh Ha Shana coming withing a few weeks and many families begin their Tishrei month preparations. Except the cooking and Rosh Ha Shana recipes, one of the preparations needed for the garden and Continue reading