String Trimmer Vs Lawn Mower Which is Best For YOU


String Trimmer Vs Lawn Mower

Cordless battery mowerWhen you are getting ready for spring, taking out all of your equipment that you will need in order to keep your lawn well manicured, you will likely have two pieces of equipment that are absolutely essential for keeping your landscape looking its best. The first will be a lawnmower which is a device that you will need in order to keep your grass cut low. There are certain settings on the lawnmower for raising and lowering the wheels, changing the angle of the blade to some degree, and of course a throttle for increasing the speed at which the blade is able to turn. Some of them are automated meaning there is a secondary switch which will use the power of the motor to propel the lawnmower forward.

These devices primarily used to trim down most of the lawn, but along the edges, you are going to need something called a string trimmer. Here’s an overview of the difference between the two devices, and why you absolutely need both to keep your lawn looking its best.

String Trimmers For Your Lawn

String trimmer for trimming near fenceA string trimmer is also referred to as a weed wacker or grass trimmer, all of which do very similar things. Some of them are held by hand, supported by a shoulder strap, whereas others are similar to a lawnmower being pushed with two large wheels in the back. The ones that you hold are the most dynamic, allowing you to get into corners outside of the lawn proper, allowing you to get weeds that are growing up along the fence line or perhaps even in your garden area.

The larger ones that are pushed like a lawnmower are typically used on larger fields where there is quite a bit of maneuverability room due to their size and awkwardness when trying to get into tight locations.

Comparison Of The Two Devices

First thing about these two devices is that the lawnmower uses a solid metal blade to do the cutting whereas the weed wacker uses a special type of string that has the ability to cut through many things including weeds, grass, and even brush. The mower can cut grass usually only on flat terrain which is clear from obstacles.

String trimmer for lawnThe lawnmower is typically used only on lawns, whereas you can use the string trimmer in hard to reach areas, even up or down slopes where weeds could be growing in intermittent locations.

A string trimmer becomes essential if you have in your backyard fountains, water pipes, decoration stones, paved path, sprinklers and such, for which the mower becomes incapable.

For small yards a string trimmer can even be a mower solution, which will save you the need to buy a $300 lawn mower.

A string trimmer which cost half can both cut the grass and trim edges too. Because string trimmers are lightweight and simple to operate, any one can use them. Check here a Black & Decker string trimmer which is both powerful and versatile.

For mowing around obstacles and the sides of the lawn, a string trimmer is the best option. Even the best cut lawn would look unfinished unless the rim is properly trimmed.

Cordless lawn mower for back yardSeeing the comparison, it should be clear that you will need to have both of these items in order to keep your lawn looking its best. Check for Amazon deals and best sellers, if hundreds people think a mower was up to their expectations, and rated it 4-5 stars then you can assume it will meet yours too.

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It would be your best option too. Check here what people think about it and see the Q&A frequently asked about it. Currently the best selling lawn mower in Amazon.

Small Lawn Maintenance

String grass trimmerFor small gardens with a few square yards of lawn, a grass trimmer would be a perfect solution, since it is small, narrow and light weight, it is easy to store even indoors. Click here for a Black & Decker string trimmer which will solve all your needs in a small to medium yard.

For larger yards both garden appliances would be needed, to save you time and frustrations. Get your string trimmer and your lawnmower to maintain your lawn and even your garden area.

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