Solar Christmas Decorations For Yard


Decorating The Yard With Solar Christmas Elements

The current trend in house and yard decorations are the solar powered lights. Thanks to the low energy consuming LED lights, it is easy to light up a string of lights or any yard decorative element, with a solar panel. This has brought us this Christmas plenty of Solar light decorative elements, which can be placed outside, and light up the holidays in a dim soft light.

Solar Light Strings With LED Light

Solar light decoration for ChristmasThe most obvious light elements are the colorful light strings. These can be used on the contour of the house, or on a fence, or be placed on the front yard trees. Since the power source is a solar panel. as long as it is getting sun light during the day, the light will be lit during the night.

There are several strings which differ by their length and by the variety of flashing modes they have. There are strings with 50 LED lights, 100 LEDs or even a lengthy string with 200 LED lights. The price different is not significant and you can get the set with the 200 lights for a few bucks more. See a 200 LED light string here.

81JUyHjww2L._SL1500_11If you are planning to decorate two different areas in your yard, then getting two shorter strings is wiser, as each one can be placed at a different location, like roof + tree, or fence + garage. The flash mode can be set either to steady or flashing in up to 8 different rhythms.

Solar Christmas Garden Stakes

Solar christmas stakeThe second solar decoration elements for Christmas are the garden stakes. Since they are solar they do not need any wiring or cords, so they can be placed anywhere in the front or backyard, and light up at evening. They come in different themes, all related to the holidays.

There are Santa solar stakes, Snowman and Reindeer solar stakes, or North Pole Christmas solar stake, (see image).

They are not a huge as the close up image on Amazon may look, but as a add on for the Christmas festival decoration they bring a twist.

Christmas Solar Pathway Markers

Solar pathway lightsAnother way to bring the holiday to your home, are the pathway solar lights. These are usually a set of LED light poles with a decorative tip, which can be placed on the driveway to your home.

They will be collecting solar energy at daytime and lite at evening. The solar light is dim and soft, not as strong as battery operated lights or of regular lights connected to the electricity. This means that the pathway would be lite in a very soft line of lights, which will be seen like colorful fireflies.

Click here for THIS set of 4 pathway solar light markers.

The best way to decorate the front of your house, is to think and look at the whole ‘picture’ have some elements in the front, some on the lawn or pathway, and some on the house itself. Take advantage of depth and height to get a full scope of decorative potential.


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