Solar Christmas Celebration Lights


Celebrating Christmas With Solar Lights

Christmas Tree Lights SolarTwinkle Twinkle Little Star… Christmas lights are all bout being delicate and twinkling. When choosing to add Christmas celebration lights to your yard or garden, thinking “Solar” is the right way. Solar lights are Eco friendly, they are twinkling, and are very easy to use, as there are no wires and cables.

There are Christmas decorations, anyone can use to decorate their yard and patio, with no electricity know how at all. This is one of of the main pros of Christmas solar decorations. You can place them anywhere you like, and they do not have to be connected to the domestic power. Any one can handle them, even children, which we usually do not allow to come near other light strings.

Christmas Solar LED Decorations

There are plenty of solar decoration light strings to choose from. You need to think which of the decor styles is best for your home and yard. There are two main light strings which are mostly common at Christmas.

The first are the white LED lights which look like twinkling stars, and the second are the colorful LED light strings which can be great to decorate the outdoor Christmas tree.

Solar White Light Strings Option

Solar String Lights ChristmasThe white light strings are clean, elegant, and can fit anywhere! The white is a pure color, neutral, so it is very classy and stylish. The LED light strings can be the main decor or they can cover dark areas in your yard, and giving depth to your yard decoration. When using white lights with other light themes, the white LED adds happiness yet it does not ‘steal’ the attention.

For example here on the right a string of 100 LED lights which have a warm white color, and can be programmed to light STEADY or FLASH in a 55 feet string.

81JUyHjww2L._SL1500_11Or as you see ‘winter cold white’ LED lights. More classy, more elegant. This is a set of 200 LED lights with 72 ft’ of light strings. It has 8 modes of flashing and steady options. So your yard is always twinkling and the decoration rhythm is never monotonous.

One or two of these can cover your yard, and enhance the outdoor decoration.


Colored LED Solar Decoration Lights

81JUyHjww2L._SL1500_12Using Color LED Lights – This is usually used for the main decoration, either for the tree or for the house. The lights are jolly and bright, they bring the Holiday atmosphere to the family. Colorful lights have more presence as Christmas decorations.

One of the best selling Colorful light sets in Amazon are the 100 LED lights which 21 feet string, which have two switches (one On/Off and the other is flash modes). They come with small flower/star cover, which makes the soft LED glow better. See image on right.

The other kind of solar lights are those stand alone decorations.

Solar santa decor yardThese can be Christmas theme decorations, which can be placed anywhere, on trees, roof, porch and fences.

In this category you may find Santa, Deer and Snow Flakes. They all have inner LED lights and get their energy from small solar panels.

Solar Snowman can be placed anywhere.

So you do not need batteries or wires, and you have a decorative garden while contributing to the planet in your modest way.


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