Smart Patio Seat + Patio Storage = Two In One


Patio Storage Chair

Seat and storage for patioAs we all know, there is never enough storage room for stuff we need. One fine solution is to add storage places at places where they are handy and close by. One of the smartest patio furniture storage solutions is the patio chair + storage box.

Duel Purpose Furniture

As the first rains arrive and some days are wet and other are dry, carrying around stuff in and out of the garage or shed is a mess. The duel purpose sitting chair will do both.

You can store inside dry towels, garden tools, outdoor grilling, fitness equipment, patio furniture winter covers, gardening hose, kids toys and pool inflatables. What ever you store can be close by.

If you have 3-4 of these they are like any other patio seats and with a soft cushion on top they are quite comfortable to sit around a pool or by the grill.

Patio storage chairThe resin wicker is durable for indoors and outdoor use, and the inner part will stay dry on a rainy day. They are weatherproof, and waterproof, and some even place them at the front of their house for large mail packages. The lid stays shut even at high winds, so there is no problem leaving them outside all year round.

Because they are lightweight, kids can move them around and store stuff inside them too, which helps the parents when it comes to cleaning and tiding the yard or poolside.

Many people invest in a patio chair and have to add either a deck box for the cushions or buy extra patio chair covers to protect their chairs. These designed outdoor storage seats do both, serve as a seat in the summer and spring and as a outdoor storage compartment in winter and fall.

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So you save money and trouble and mess with these chair and storage in your patio.


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