Scary Halloween Front Window Decorations No One Else Has


Unique Spooky Halloween Window Decorations

There are plenty of graphic Halloween front yard decorations, but some of the unique ones which grab the attention are the smart spooky Halloween decorations. Here are some unique scary window decorations probably no one in your neighborhood have.

Front Windows Halloween Decorations

These decorations do not require much they require the lights in the house to be on for the night. These haunted window decorations may keep some of the “trick or treat” kids away..

The Morbid Hanged Man In The Window

Scary Silhouette Hanging ManThis one is quite scary, because dead men do not move, and this hanged man silhouette can look very real in a short glimps. The prop is quite large and will cover most windows.

If you window is larger than the silhouette, add black paper to block the light from the sides of the image.

There are six other silhouette images like these but I believe having just one, makes the best horrible effect.

Click HERE to order this Scary Silhouette Hanging Man.


Cat Eyes Double Window Halloween Decoration

Black Cat Eyes Halloween Window DecorationsThis can be a mighty window decoration for Halloween. The two blood thirsty black cat eyes stare into the streets at anyone who walks by.

Like the smart Halloween decorations most people need more than one glimpse to figure they are staring into a giant monster cat eyes.

People place the two cat eyes at different windows. They can be placed at upstairs windows too, attic windows or backyard windows facing the patio.

Get the Scary Cat Eyes Decoration Set HERE

Green Demon Window Cling

scary window daoration for halloweenAny black light effect or scary face can be suitable for Halloween decoration prop for windows.

This cling has both, the scary look “I am coming after YOU” and the bluish light effect. The image looks as real as a poster. When lights are turned on – The decoration “illuminates”.

When you turn your normal house lights on, the poster really illuminates! It’s a must-have item for your Halloween decor

Quick, order the screaming face demon Window Cling here.

The great part about all these decorations is that they are really easy to install. They all have the adhesive squares and don’t need any tools to be firmly placed on the Windows.


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