Robotic Cleaners Above Ground Pools Are Your Best Bet


Using Robotic Cleaners For Above Ground Pools

Intex Above Ground poolThe first tie you see the automatic pool cleaning robots. You may think it’s some type of toy for the kids in the pool. But it is one of the most useful accessories you can add to your pool.

When you use an automatic pool cleaning system, it will keep the pool clean so you don’t have to mess with it yourself. If you own a pool you know that for each hour of pool time one has to invest an hour of cleaning and maintenance.

Cleaning a Above Ground Pool

There are above ground pools which resemble a large jacuzzi or hot tub. Unless you are very lazy these kind of pools do not need any robotic cleaners inside them. These small types of pools which are perfect for kids can be covered each day once everyone is out.

But the above ground pools for teens or adults, which are usually called Ultra Frame Pools these are quite large and covering them is a slightly more difficult. There are plenty of other alternatives for pool cleaning. From hand held underwater vacuum cleaners to a cleaning net with a pole to pick out the dirt.

All of the other options require your time and energy. Even the effective vacuum cleaning system has to be brought and pushed around, and assembled, and opened and cleaned. Small pools can be cleaned in a few minutes, a large above ground ultra frame pool may require more than that.

Above ground pool vacuum cleaning robotIf you do not have the time to do it, or the energy to do it daily. You can consider to get a robotic vacuum cleaner to do the ‘dirty job’ for you. These robots cost more than a ‘cleaning net’, so they can be left outside only if you have a backyard pool.

The best thing about robotic cleaners for above ground pools is that they keep your pool staying clean even when you are away or asleep.

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You can’t be out there all the time, even if you wanted to spend all that time cleaning the pool, it’s still going to pile up on you a bit. They will clean, vacuum, brush and remove the dirt, insects and leaves in the pool.

Check the two clips which show a pool being cleaned ‘before’ and ‘after’:

Here below is the follow up clip this guy did after the robotic cleaner has completed the task. Judge for yourself:

Get a Robot To Clean The Pool For You

Before you plan a fun summer day for the kids in the pool, and get despaired when you see the pool is full of leaves and dirt. If you have small kids to attend to you DO NOT have the time to invest an hour cleaning the yard pool.

All you have to do is to let the robotic cleaner skim the bottom and collect all the debris. Allow at least 60 minutes for the robotic cleaner to vacuum the pool and the kids can jump into a fresh neat pool.

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