Remove Rust From BBQ Grill With 3 Easy Steps


Removing Rust From Outdoor Cooking Grill

Remove BBQ Grill RustBBQ grills are known for their big metal parts, and when out in the elements, they can rust. Not only does the rust effectively tarnish the varnish so to speak, making your grill look a little shabby, but it can actually rust through and ruin your grill over time.

Would you like some rust with your backyard burger or chili dog? Absolutely not, and that is yet another reason why you’re looking up how to remove rust from BBQ grill. While you’re trying your best to keep your grill from rusting, it happens, and it can take over quickly.

Prevent Rust On BBQ Grill

The best way to keep rust off your BBQ is to keep it clear from water and damp environment. During summer there is no rain, but morning dew or backyard sprinklers can get your grill wet unless you keep it protected from them, away or under a patio roof.

Veranda BBQ grill cover outdoor coverDuring winter the chances of the grill to get rusty are much higher. The humidity in the air, rain and winds manage to get to the iron grill no matter where you place it. Soon rust begins to decay your grill. The best solution thousands of grill owners found, is to cover the grill during winter. Grill covers are a low investment to maintain a rust free grill for many years. Get one of the best selling grill covers here.

If you failed to protect your grill, you will need to clean it once the red rust shows up.

Remember, not only is the exterior prone to rust if your BBQ grill has metal parts, but the metal grates on the inside can rust and get on your food. You’ve certainly heard people talking about the leftover residue on the grates adding flavor and such as they age. Well, you don’t want rust flavor!

Natural BBQ Rust Remover

So, how do you remove rust from BBQ grill? First of all, you have to be aware that grill grates can be made of different metals. Typically, however, stainless steel is the metal used. When it comes to removing the rust from stainless steel grates, you can use salt and vinegar. The vinegar is what soaks the rust so that it can be removed, and the abrasive salt does the rest of the trick.

Now you don’t just simply spray on this solution and then wipe it off like you’re cleaning something. The idea is to soak the grates in this solution. This will remove the rust after you have soaked them overnight.

Use a Rust Remover

Rust Remover From GrillYou can opt for a solution you buy from the store that you can use to remove the rust as well. Here is one of the best selling rust remover solutions. (Less than $9) this will make your life easy and grill shinny new!

After you clean the grill make sure to keep it dry, and covered during the wet season.

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