Remote Controllable Halloween Decorations You Must Have


Remote Controllable Halloween Decorations

Halloween is my favorite time of the year. It’s a time when I go crazy with Halloween decorations, especially for the outside of my home.

animatronics halloween prop 2014One type of Halloween decoration that I love is remote controllable Halloween decorations. These are decorations that you can make move with the use of a remote control. Therefore, they are interactive decorations.

Over the years, I’ve gotten into this form of decoration on the actual day of Halloween. I love making everything spooky, and being able to make decorations move as kids are doing their trick-or-treating is a lot of fun.

For example, last year I placed a large spider on my porch. From a window, I stood with the remote control, and every time trick-or-treaters came to my walkway, I made the spider move. I had to be careful with this, however, because some children who go trick-or-treating or very young, and a scary remote control decoration could scare them in a way that you don’t necessarily want.

Another year, I placed a vampire by my door. Again, when trick-or-treaters came knocking, I made the vampire move.

Some of the decoration props are animated and have inner sensors inside them. This means they are still until someone comes near them and then they jolt and move. So these are not R/C but they are quite independent, and will do the job without you having to be near them. Just place them where you expect people to be, set and forget.

Limbless Libby Halloween Animated DecorOne of the favorites is limbless Libby. She is a bloody scary prop with no legs, and when people come too near she rocks and speaks! Not something weak heart people would like to encounter.

Since people think the prop is cool, before they know it will scare their souls, they come near to admire the dummy… That’s when Limbless Libby screams at them!

The best place to find remote controllable Halloween decorations is online. This is where you will find the largest selection at the best prices. The prices or these decorations and props will vary. You can get great Halloween decorations controlled by remote starting at around $20. However, the more elaborate of this form of decoration can run you into the hundreds. It all depends on how big you want to go and on how much you want to spend.

After the Halloween season is over, store these decorations in a special place. I’ve bought special bins to store my Halloween decorations. It keeps them safe, and I always know where to find them.

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