Prevent Your Composter from Smelling


Tips to Prevent Your Composter from Smelling

bad smell for compostAn average family throws away 200 pounds of organic waste every year, and if you also have a garden, you will have far more organic waste to dispose of.

Fertilizer costs are high, and a good gardener will make an effort to set up a composter to convert all the organic waste that his household and garden produces, to convert this waste into cheap and very good quality fertilizer.

One thing that many people are wary of is that such organic waste constantly rotting in their backyard, can cause a bad smell and make life uncomfortable in the home. If the compost pile in your composter is properly balanced it should only smell like dirt, and if it is giving out an odor that is more offensive there is something wrong with your compost pile.

Compost can start smelling if it is not heating up as it should and causing the organic material in it to break down into the required fertilizer. Some people actually add manure to compost piles, but even here the manure does break down after a few days and should stop smelling. You can reduce the smell from your composter if you cover the top layer with six inches of straw, leaves or even newspaper. So, just rake in those leaves from your garden, and soon the offensive smell will disappear.

A compost pile that is not properly mixed can also cause it to smell, as can the addition of too much of green material.

If the compost is too wet this can also cause it to smell, and a lack of aeration can also be responsible for this problem. The lack of aeration can come from a heap that has got compacted, and this can easily be solved, by turning over the compost heap.

Add some material like dry leaves or grass to add some fluff to the compost. It is always a good idea to allow raked leaves and grass to dry out before you add it to the composter.

Double cabin composterFor the best and most simple home composting, you should get a dual chamber tumbling composter. These are new composting bins, which can rotate easily.

This solves the heap from being too compact, mixing the pile hands free, and adding brown or green materials to your mixture without getting dirty.

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