Portable Fire Pits Safety


Portable Yard Fire Pits Safety

Garden portable fire pitThere are some basic fire safety guidelines you should know about if you have (or plan to have) a portable fire pit in your back yard.

  • Positioning Your Fire Pit
  • Preparing Your Fire Pit
  • Lighting Your Fire Pit
  • Using Your Fire Pit
  • Extinguishing Your Fire Pit

There is no substitute to common sense. Use it and always take the extra attention to make sure you enjoy from a warm and cozy – safe fire pit at your back yard.

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Large 23-1/2-Inch Fire Bowl
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Click here to order this portable garden fire pit, read below how to use them safely.

Where to Position a Portable Fire Pit

The fire pit should be places 10 feet at least (20 is better) from the nearest, wall, shed, fence or any structure which can be affected from it. Remember the wind can blow in all directions.

Do not place the fire pit on a wooden deck or grass. The heat at the bottom may cause the deck to catch fire, and small pieces of burning wood may fall from all sides. The best place is to have a few blocks or concrete place and to place the fire pit on it.

The worst place to locate a fire pit would be under a patio or gazebo. The heat and burning embers can burn down the whole place.

How To Prepare and Light Fire Pit Safely

Make sure you keep flammable materials 3 feet away. If it is near your patio furniture, make sure they are not too close.

Do not pour flammable ignitors (gasoline, lighter fluid,) into the pit before lighting it. Be careful if there is a propane cylinder near by, make sure it is in open air and the tubes and valves are not tripped upon.

Check the wind direction and stand clear.

Have a blanket or a bucket of water somewhere in the yard. So if the worst case scenario happens and fire spreads, you have an emergency answer ready.

Using The Portable Fire Pit Wisely

Fire pit safety mesh Spark Screen for Fire PitKeep in mind children and fire do not go together. Keep them away, fire is not a game. Make sure not to leave the fire unattended, that’s where most of the accidents begin.

Invest in an iron mesh to keep the wood and embers in and the children ‘out’. Click here to order on for your safety and family safety.

Do not put garbage in the fire, it may pop, flare and send embers sparks in all directions.

Do not burn soft woods like pine or cedar. These soft or wet woods, pop and explode and and throw sparks. An iron mesh can prevent these sparks causing and damage or injuries.

Extinguishing The Fire

Never leave a fire just to burn out all night unattended. A million things can happen which may end in a disaster. Make sure to extinguish the fire with sand or water. Stir the hot mud until all fire and burning wood are ‘drowned’.

Dispose of the ashes in a safe manner, it is best to have a metal can in which you can pour the warm ashes until they can be disposed of properly. Note that ashes can still be burning slowly inside, so do not add papers or flammable materials into that bin.


As you can see it is not too complicated to keep the portable fire pit safe and use it pleasantly. If you do not have an iron mesh to cover your fire pit, get one, it can be useful for summer and winter, and will keep the pit from becoming a waste basket.

Treat fire like it’s… fire. We hope you have a wonderful warm cozy evenings around the fire pit.

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