Poolside Furniture For Overweight People


Poolside Lounge and Chairs Heavy Weight

poolside furniture for overweight peopleMany people need heavy duty furniture for their backyard patio and pool. One of the best ways to enjoy a backyard pool (except jumping in) is sitting beside it with family and friends. Overweight people require that their furniture would be suitable for their needs, and sitting by the pool is certainly one of them.

Most of the poolside sitting sets are made from cheap plastic, or “Chinese” materials. Even non obese people know that these chairs do not last too long, one day they would just crack down and break. Overweight people do not want to be on a chair when it cracks down and shutter, even if it shatters due to low quality materials.

The solution is quite easy, it is better to invest in good quality poolside furniture and avoid the embarrassment and agony of breaking a furniture. On top of that, heavyweight people need wider chairs so they can sit comfortably and enjoy the yard or pool. Some of these patio chairs are folding and portable so they can be used in other places too.

Buying Poolside Furniture For Large People

You need to look for wide seats for maximum comfort, and for heavy duty wood or steel frame bars. Cushioned seats are better than hard tough seats. The base of the chairs or lounge should be wide for stability, and a tray or small table as part of the set, so you do not need to rise from the chair for every little thing you want to have.

Here are some options for heavy duty furniture sets for the patio or pool.

Heavy-Duty Steel Frames Sitting Set For Overweight People

Heavy-Duty Steel Frames patio set for overweightThis is one of the patio sitting sets which stands up to all the criteria: It’s has a steel frame, large wide seats (30.75 inch), cushioned, all weather resistant materials, a small table + legs rest ottoman for maximum comfort.

Click here to order this 6 piece patio poolside set for extra large people needs.

If the patio chairs seats are not as wide as you need, the set includes also a double wide ‘love seat’ which has no width limits. The ottoman can be used with any of the pieces.

5-Piece Outdoor Leisure Set For Over-sized

Patio chairs weight capcity for obese peopleAnother option is a smaller set 5 – Piece Outdoor Leisure Set, which includes a heavy duty steel frame, 27 inch width cushioned seats, which can be removed for winter storage or cleaning. The glass top table to which matches the set for easy access to your coffee, drinks, book or phone.

Order here this conversation set poolside and patio seats, which can manage over weight people.


Once you know which types of furniture would be suitable for your needs, it much more easy to find the closest furniture set to match them. Most of the sitting sets have a max capacity of 200lb, the one above have a 250lb official limit, but will not crack at 251lb.. To exceed this “weight capacity limit” a comfortable ‘love seat’ and an ottoman is designed to carry more weight, and could be a smart way to purchase your preferred design.

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