Pool Leaf Rakes Vs. Pool Hand Held Vacuum


Leaf Rakes Compared to Hand Held Pool Vacuums

Leaf Rake Pool CleaningFor those of you who have a pool at home, you probably know that there is quite a lot of cleaning to be done. Using a leaf rake or a vacuum cleaner is a must for those owning a pool.

Pool water gets green and cloudy, they get leafs and bugs floating in them, they get algae and bacteria formed from this debris in the water. So keeping the pool’s water clean can prevent health risks and make the leisure time in the pool more fun.

Leaf Rake Pros and Cons

Leaf Rake For Pool CleaningLeaf rakes are “low tech” or even “no tech” skimming nets which are designed to capture debris and help you scoop it out of the water. But not all the leaf rakes are the same, and there are some features which can make them useful for very long time.

The mesh net has to be extra strong or soon the net will get torn or loose and it would be difficult to capture leafs and twigs. The pole must be durable too because it’s not east to scoop dirt from further away in the middle of the pool, combing the bottom or the top of the water.

Cleaning the water with a leaf rake main advantage is that it’s quite, it’s easy and it’s quick. This is true as long as there aren’t too many trees around the pool. If there is one dead bug in the pool scooping it with a mesh net is faster than bringing a vacuum.

The downside is that, when the pool is either not cleaned everyday, or that it’s under constant leaves falling from trees around the yard, daily “net fishing” can be tiresome. In these cases a pool vacuum, may be a better solution.

Hand Held Pool Vacuum

We are not going to review pros and cons of the automatic pool cleaners, those robotic creatures who crawl the pool floor all night and keep it clean for you. The alternative to a leaf rake and a net skimmer, are hand held pool vacuum cleaners.

These are not as expensive as the robotic cleaners, they are hand held, light weight  which can operate underwater. Their main pros are that they are very effective at cleaning, they suck up all the debris, sand, leaves, twigs, branches, bugs and insects. Leaving your pool water clean.They are light weight, so anyone can use them to clean the pool, even a teen ages child will manage them.

The good vacuums do it fast, their engine can suck the dirt in just by gliding close by. They operate with no cables and hoses, so you can inflate your pool anywhere you want, and clean it regardless of the electricity power or garden hose location.

Their main con is that if your pool is covered when not in use, or generally clean, its a hassle to bring the vacuum cleaner only to pick up a few leafs which can be scooping in a second by a leaf rake.

Conclusion For Hand Held Pool Cleaning

Hand Held Pool Vacuum CleanerSo if you need to choose between a leaf rake and a vacuum, it mostly depends on your type of pool and cleaning needs. For little bugs cleaning or a leaf extraction, the rake will do it. If the pool is constantly full of leaves or your cleaning intervals are not on a daily basis, the hand held vacuum would be a better solution for you.

Cleaning the pool is like cleaning your home.

Get a hand held vacuum to clean your backyard pool.

Most people do not bring the vacuum to clean a few crumbs, but when there is a need to pick more dirt in less time and sweat, the vacuum is a better choice. If you find yourself scooping too many leaves or wasting time on endless cleaning, get a small vacuum and make your life easier.

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