Inflatable Pool Floats and Lounges for Overweight People


Inflatable Pool Floats for Heavy People

Enjoying a pool is fun for everyone. But for some people it can cause awkwardness. Overweight people require special pool accessories to enjoy the pool like everyone else. People with regular weight don’t even think about it when they lay back and float on their pool lounge splashing and paddling with their feet in the water.

But for heavy weight people, the regular pool lounge will fold, sink and the person on them will go overboard unwillingly to the water. Most pool floats were not designed to float with 250 pounds on them.

Inflatable Pool Lounge For Heavy People

There are some pool lounges which where designed to be able to carry larger weights. They have better ability to float and stay leveled even when they are used by overweight people. These pool floats usually have heavy duty handles, steel frame and durable PVC. These are not cheap plastic inflatable tubes, but real comfortable floating sofas.

Check each of the three options below, each of them will carry and support overweight swimmers. Some of them have the max weight in their product description, others have other customers answer about their weight capabilities.

Intex Floating Recliner Inflatable Lounge

Overweight people pool lounge floatsThus is probably the leading pool lounge for overweight people. It is wide, durable, with comfy sitting position, with two inflatable air chambers, place for 2 cups and heavy duty handles.

When you browse through the customer questions you will see many people ask how much weight can this lounge carry. To cut the story short there are customers who weigh 275 pound and 280 pounds which say it carries them fine with maximum comfort.

We picked an image of the Intex Floating Recliner Inflatable Lounge with a beautiful skinny woman on it, but it WILL carry any 250-280 lb with no sweat. Click the link to order, it’s worth the investment.

Inflatable Kelsyus Floating Pool Lounger

Pool floats for obese peopleAnother leading floating pool lounge is the Kelsyus Floating Lounger. It was designed to carry 250 lbs, so you can expect it to be fitted for heavyweight needs.

It has a steel frame and PVC with thick nylon fabric. The idea is that the frame is inflated and the sitting top is a submersible mesh.

So you can sit and be wet and cool while it supports you enough to paddle and splash sitting back. With a leg rest and a head rest, this pool float is perfect for overweight needs. Customers weighing 250+ pounds say they sit on it comfortably, and one says his daughter sits with him and they both way approx 300 pounds.

The woman in the image above does not weigh 250 lbs, but she has a wide smile so it’s easy to imagine how much fun the Inflatable Kelsyus Floating Pool Lounger can be.

Intex River Run I Sport Lounge, Inflatable Water Float

Heavy weight people inflatable Water loung FloatIt is last here but may be the best choice for overweight people. It’s wide, its durable and a customer who weighs 500 pounds says he loves it!

Other customers who weigh 280-300 pounds have commented it is their favorite river float. As you can assume a river sports lounge requires the lounge to be thick and extra durable.

Sorry but we have only an image of a guy enjoying the Intex River Run I Sport Lounge, Inflatable Water Float in a river. It will carry you safely in your backyard pool as well.


Don’t settle for cheap plastic lounges, these floating lounges are not expensive and they are designed for carrying more weight than the regular floating chair. Why risk the embarrassment or discomfort of sitting on lounges which can barely carry extra weight.

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