Patio Chairs For Overweight People


Outdoor Patio Chairs For Overweight People

Overweight people who want to enjoy their patio and garden need their patio chairs comfortable, sturdy, and reenforced to handle their weight. Most of the patio furniture is not made for 350 lb pounds or more. The cushions are to small and the seat itself isn’t wide enough for heavy people to sit comfortably.

Here are some solutions for outdoor chairs for overweight people. Chairs can be folding chairs to be easy to carry and store. They need to be tested for people size more than the average.

Extra-wide, Extra-strong Patio Chair

Most of the patio furniture are designed to carry up to 250 pound. For those who are more than that there is a need for an extra wide and extra strong chair. Obese people will not feel comfortable sitting outside on a chair which might fall apart, or the seat is too small and tight.

There are several outdoor “director’s” chairs which were designed for overweight people. They have a steel reinforcement frame, they can carry up to 400 pound, and by reviewing some of the customer reviews they do the job very well! Check here a Steel Reinforced Frame Can Carry up to 400lb Outdoor Chair.

There are chairs with a side table, which can be folded. This is very comfortable to place the drinks, the snack or food, without leaving the chair. These chairs are light weight so they are easy to carry and can go into any car or garage. They can be used for picnics, sports events, for garden, park or just enjoying a great day at the backyard.

“Extra Heavy Duty” Steel Reinforced Frame Patio Chair

Patio chair for Overweight people

  • > Polished, Reinforced Steel Frame
  • > Extra-Strong for 320 lbs.
  • > Foam Arm Rests for Comfort
  • > Light Weight & Easy to Carry
  • > Folds Flat for Storage

A patio chair should be easy to carry around, easy to store at winter, durable for all weather. All patio furniture require some maintenance, waxing, a paint coat, some cleaning, in this matter overweight garden chairs are no different.

Overweight Outdoor Chair w/ Steel Reinforced & Side Table

outdoor Chair with table For Overweight PeopleBeing outside at a picnic or just relaxing means you want your drinks close by. There are patio chairs which have a folding side table, to hold your cup or can near by.

If you have a few of these then you do not have to be close to a table and you can set them for sitting any where you like.

Click here to see Amazon price & shipping for this Steel Reinforced Outdoor Chair.


Some overweight people prefer the good old regular patio chairs. They are more designed and stylish but for obese people the regular patio furniture will be less comfortable to use. And if one cannot relax in their patio, what good is it to own a set of designed chairs?

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