NEW!! Halloween Animatronics Props 2016


Lifesize Halloween Animatronics Props

You can rock your friends with these animatronics props! When everyone expects a Halloween pumpkin or a pile of skeleton bones on the front yard, no one expects a full lifesize haunted figure to jump them when they walk into your house!

The great thing about these animatronic decorations is that they can be placed anywhere and just be there in total silence and freak out your friends only when engaged! For example placing a full scale twisted dummy at the end of the corridor on the way to the restroom. Placing a full scale animated prop at the porch of the house, can scare the shit out of visitors and children and moms coming for trick or treat!

You will hear an accidental scream every time your animated Halloween prop jumps into life and freaks out someone.

There are endless ways you can make your own unique Halloween animatronic decoration.

Here is a short clip of a scary front yard animatronic decoration.

There are ready made animated props like this, which you can add to your Halloween party, office or just to scare your family. The most important part is to place the prop where the person will be alone with. There when people are alone, they are more scared, and more jumpy.

The prop does not have to do much.. it’s not a silent killer jumping on your guests. You do not want anyone to get a heart attack! It just need to jump move, lite up, or make an unexpected noise.

Here are some ideas for new animatronic props for this Halloween.

Limbless Libby Halloween Animated Decor

Limbless Libby Halloween Animated Decor The limbless body is a freaking scary animated decor! the eyes light and sounds heard when the Infra-Red sensor is activated!

The limbless Libby will freak out people coming to check it, once they are 6 feet away.

The IR sensor will pick them up and the prop will come to life!! Libby will rock from side to side on here crunches, her eyes lite up, and she will moan in a creepy way! Get this heart faint Limbless Libby Halloween Animated Decor.

Rocking Moldy Mommy Halloween Animatronics Decor

scary halloween animatronic decorationThis animatronic decoration can be located on the front porch or front yard. It can be placed at the living room. The sturdy dummy can be placed anywhere on any rocking chair (not included). The Halloween mommy will rock any rocking chair she sits on, and looks very realistic.

The molded baby in her arms and the sorrow dead face, are a scary way to make your guests freak out! Some of the scary stuff are not the common Freddy Krueger props, but the twisted looking daily figures. Check more before you purchase the Rocking Moldy Mommy Halloween Animatronics Prop.

The Corn Stalker Life-sized Animatronics Prop

animatronics halloween prop 2014This is one of the scary props out there, because it is animated at the waist! So it will raise into it’s full length once the victim enters the 6 feet ‘kill zone’ of the Infra Red sensors. With lights and head moving, a sudden movement of upper body, will squeeze a scream and a jump from any one crossing its way.

If the animatronic prop is left in a dark corner, or at the end of a long corridor, or at a silent second floor, and the victim crosses its way alone! Boy they will get a heart attack! Check more on this Life Size Animated Corn Stalker Halloween Prop.

Note most of them are meant for indoor use only, so if you are expecting rains, do not leave them outside. You can add light spots, creepy sounds, and add a bloody scene decorating to create a realistic scary scene for them.

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