Most Scary Halloween Decorations Possible


Halloween Twisted Decorations

We all know Halloween is all about ghosts and demons, and scarring the sh&t out of the neighbors. For the kids its trick or treat, for the teens it’s all about being as twisted and scary as they can be. It’s about grabbing attention!

There are plenty of sweet yard decorations for Halloween. Small pumpkins with vicious eyes. But these are not the decorations which will make your friends call 911. Here are some ideas how to really scar your friends with horrible and twisted scary decorations that will make them scream and run when they reach your home.

The Hanged Man Decoration

Scary Halloween Hanged Man Decoration For YardThis decoration is horrible and scary at night and during daytime. A full body hanged man, swinging gently at your front yard, will cause by passers to call the cops!! The prop is hanged from a tree or from the porch, and looks like a real person!

You can add some special effects like a spot of light or stains of blood all around it. No one can stay calm while looking at a hanged man swinging at Halloween!

If you have a fog machine, it  can be used near or around it, to give it the haunted effect, which give a chilling shiver to anyone who crosses your front yard.

Get your hanged man here , before they are all gone!


6 Feet Tall, Animatronic Pestilence the Smoldering Reaper

Scary Animatronic Halloween 2014An automated full body scary reaper, is another scary prop for Halloween. This is great decoration for a Halloween party! The prop has sensors which activate it when people walk by.

So when your party guests step on the porch to your front door, and giggle and admire the prop, it will rotate it’s head toward them and green LED lights will shine from the deadly eyes.

You will know the guests have arrived by the scream you will hear when the prop jerks at them! The full body animatronic reaper will ask them to “come closer”!!!

No one can stay cool when a full body prop suddenly moves unexpectedly. It can scare kids and children coming to your door to ask for trick or treat!!

Dead Skelaton Body & Mad Dog Corpse

skelaton dog halloween propWhile every one expects a witch or a ghost or a pumpkin. No one expects a dead dog corpse of haunted looking dog!

The ugly vicious dog, is scary because it is not as common as the rest of the props. But it even gets better when it is placed with other zombie Halloween props like the headless zombie crawling from the ground!

Body parts and dead stuff crawling from the ground are Halloween party winners. This is one hell of scary prop, the dead skeleton dog corpse.

Since the Michel Jackson Thriller clip, twisted zombies coming out from the graves are popular decorations. Make sure to design the scene with leaves, bones, fog, spider web, jars, blood stains on the walls of the house..

Dead head Zombie halloween decorationTry to be original, think of CSI crime scene and create your own scary horror decorations.

Add speakers and loop sounds, add a fog machine, and think how to light dark areas with spot lights which focus on scary props at unexpected locations.

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