Mind Blowing Garage Door Billboard Decorations For Halloween


Garage Billboard Decorations For Halloween

Halloween Garage Door Cover DecorThere are decorations and THERE ARE decorations. If you are in the major league of Halloween decorations, and you love to scare the neighborhood and like to get some noise going, then these kind of billboard decorations are for you.

The idea is to leverage the whole garage door as a huge canvas and display an enormous image, which could be seen from a hundred yard away. Just like billboards on the highway you can not drive by and not notice, the Halloween billboard decorations are a 100% attention grabbers.

The images vary, from a shocking murder scenes to real life zombies walking out of your garage. For family with kids there are softer images to choose from. The billboard decoration does not have to be that scary.

The Size Does Matter. Bigger is Better.

The billboard Halloween decorations are large enough to cover your garage door. The poster is printed on heavy duty material which is weather proof. The colors are so vivid and the digital printing in HD promises the images would be as realistic as real life.

The assembly is easy, with a set of hook-and-loop fastening tape, you hook the image to the garage door. Since it is not “a sticker” you can use it even next year and the year after.

So enough with the fluff, it is time to let you see and choose your design, we have placed here our top picks, but you can choose once you click inside to the item page which ever image does it for you.

Halloween Garage Door Cover Decor

The best image in our opinion is the burning pumpkin, it’s realistic, its engaging and it is scary! If you illuminate it at night with a spot of light, not too bright just enough to make the vicious eyes glow. You are the talk of the neighborhood.  Click here to order this design for your garage door.
Halloween Garage Door Cover DecorIf you are throwing a Halloween party, one of the recommended designs to get the adults into the right atmosphere of the holiday is this garage party. With animated demons and naked mistress, your guests would blend in the not-the-cute-pumpkin type of party. Click here to get the Halloween party theme cover.

Halloween Garage Door Cover DecorationThis design is similar to the one above, but with a softer theme, with animated cute Halloween figures. The witch on the right is a little busty, but the overall look and feel is more colorful and friendly. Click here to get this one.

large scale Halloween Door Cover posterThis design below is a classic Halloween design. No matter if you have kids or not, the large beautifully printed picture of the pumpkin and the bats flying, the large full moon and witch on her broom. The composition is balanced as well, highly recommended billboard cover. Check about this design here.

Halloween Garage Door Billboard decorationAlso a classic theme for Halloween is the haunted house and flying witch. The image is impressive with the dark night and full moon with the haunted house and bats all around. Great for a family with kids which are not yet teens abut not toddlers and need an image which will e both spooky but not too scary.  If this is your theme, click here to order.Halloween Garage Door Billboard cover

The last image is as engaging as the first one. The large evil pumpkin with the ‘Chucky’ kind of expression. Positioned right in the center of the garage cover with a back light effect of illumination. This image needs a dim light or a yellow light on it, to get the most scary effect. You can add special effects like a fog machine in the garage which sends a fog to float from underneath the garage door. To order this design for your Halloween decoration click here.

Halloween Garage Billboard cover picture decorationHappy Halloween! Enjoy the fun and be creative.

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