Keep Patio Stand Up Heater Dry During Winter


How To Store Patio Stand Up Heater

Most of the people use their stand up patio heater to enjoy a warm patio on chilly evenings. During summer some evening could get somewhat crisp and the patio stand up heater’s job is to heat the air, and allow comfy surroundings when temperatures get low. At autumn days and nights become cooler, and patio heaters then work over time.

As temperatures continue to drop, heaters become less relevant and they need to be stored until the next season or for better days during the wet season.

How do you keep the heaters dry during rains? humidity, dampness?

Full length patio heaterThe best way to keep patio heater in good condition during the winter, is to make sure they are stored correctly! Here are a few tips you need to follow when storing your outdoor heater.

The best place to store the heater during seasons when it i snot in use, is inside a dry place. This could be a garden shed, the garage or a laundry room. Any one of these locations will prevent harsh winter elements to get to your heater.

If you store the heater indoors, you should disconnect the propane cylinder and store the cylinders outside! It is too dangerous to keep them in a closed place in case they leak and pressure build up in storage room.

If you put the heater away for warm summers, you do not have to get it into an indoor room. You can use a weather cover to keep it out of the rain and winds.

Winter protection for patio stand up heaterIt is recommended to place the stored patio space heater in a place which is less windy, like a corner or near a wall rather than in the middle of your patio. At high winds stand up heaters can be blown sideways by gush of winds.

Cheaper covers (see above) are wider at the middle part,and they tend to catch winds like patio sails. You might want to pick those which have a slim silhouette, which will catch less wind and will have less chance to tip over when stronger winds hits.

Most stand up heater covers have flaps to allow air flow so moisture does not damp and rust your heater inner parts and valves.

Check here for more options to get a stand up patio heater cover.

The cover must be top with a water-resistant materials like PVC undercoating, for best protection at rainy days and brisk winds.

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