Is Your Patio Ready For Winter? Get These Tips Now!


Preparing The Patio For Winter

Preparing the patio for winter is different depending on the state you live in. In Florida there is not much to prepare, in Minnesota, winter has probably never ended. For all those who live in between, here are simple tips you may want to follow to make sure your patio is ready for winter.

Clean Your Gutters And Downspouts

curved gutter hose attachmentSoon the first rains are going to fall and the gutters which are full of debris and dirt will be totally clogged.

Water and debris cause the gutter to become heavy, and downspouts will get filled with leaves and twigs.

Cleaning the gutter will ensure rain will not overflow and wet your patio.

gutter cleaning Before winterYou can clean the gutters easily with a gutter cleaning attachment which goes on any garden hose and flushes in high pressure the gutters, leaving them clean and debris free.

This will save you lots of time, instead of going up a ladder with a bucket and cleaning it all bit by bit.

Cover All Your Patio Furniture

single patio chair coverGetting the patio furniture ready for winter, means cleaning the cushions with soap and water, rubbing them with mild cloth, and once they are all clean, dry them in the sun. You can cover the summer garden sitting furniture with the cushions on them, or you can store all the cushions separately in a weather resistance deck box.

If you live in a warm place where the rains will be scattered for a few weeks, you can leave the cushions on the furniture and cover them with a durable cover. Once there is a nice sunny day, you just pull the cover off and the patio is ready.

If you know the winter will be harsh and long, store the cushions away in a dry rain free place. For saving space and money you can get a larger cover for stacked furniture!

Take Care Of Outdoor BBQ Grill

Veranda BBQ grill cover outdoor coverThe outdoor grill should be covered properly. Unlike furniture it has hoses and pipes and there is a safety issue to make sure it is 100% rust free. Before you store the grill, make sure you close all the propane taps, detach the propane cylinder, and store it in a ventilated place.

The bottom part of the grill cover should have straps and hatches to prevent the lower skirts from rising in strong winds, like this best selling grill cover. Place the grill in a place where it will not be topped over by strong winds, and will get as little rain pooling around it at the bottom.

If you take the grill to be stored in a garage, or garden shed, make sure the gas cylinder is properly closed, and there is some air flow to the storing place. If gas will leak in a closed shed or garage, it can be explosive or flammable if pressure builds up.

Take Care Of The Fire Pit Or Space Heater

Winter protection for patio stand up heaterYour fire pit needs to be taken care of just like the outdoor grill. This means you do not want it soaked in rain, and you do not want the propane cylinder hose and valves getting rusty and dirty. This goes also for the gas outdoor heater.

Cover the fire pit table with a proper durable cover. A good tip would be to place something large in the fire bowl to lift the cover so rain water will not pool inside.

The space heater needs to be covered by a special weather resistant cover, and be placed in a location winds will not blow it off its base. The propane cylinder needs to detached from both the heater and the fire pit. If the heater is electric powered it most be covered and stored away from any rain or dampness. Natural wood fire pits need to be cleaned from the ashes before the first rains.

Sealing Patio Windows & Door

Patio Door SealedWhen the first cool winds arrive you may want to seal your patio windows. Sealing the windows is easy and you do not need a professional hand here. There are several solutions which will seal the cracks and prevent winter winds to enter and heat to escape.

For season sealing you can get a 3M window sealing kit with transparent film which is attached to the window and seals off the weather. The air is trapped at the inner layer and you save money on heating without loosing the warms of sunny days and sunlight entering the patio doors or windows.


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