Is It Safe To Put A Charcoal Grill On A Picnic Table


Placing Charcoal Grill On a Table Is Not Safe

Grill Charcoal On TableGrilling out is a great way to enjoy some quality time with family or friends. The problem is some people often think about placing the grill on the table, but is this really safe? And if there is no other option how should they do it to prevent hazards.

Placing a grill over a picnic table is not recommended. The charcoal grill spreads the heat 360 degrees, which means the bottom is just as hot as the heat which rises to the food. Most portable charcoal grills have short legs, so the heat at the bottom can reach the table top and burn it.

Except ruining your picnic table from further use, this can be dangerous at home or when camping. Leaving the grill and going in means the heat will keep building up which may cause the table to set on fire.

Some picnic tables are made from plastic or other non heat resistant materials, this means the heat which builds up can cause the table to melt, releasing toxic vapors, or cause the grill to fall off and setting fire to your patio or camping spot.

If you have kids or children these scenarios can be extremely dangerous for them, as they are less aware of the able being extremely warm, and once the grill is taken away can get a skin burn just by touching the table.

Heat Resistant Tables For Grills

In fact, there are some tables that are made to be heat resistant, which is what is needed when thinking of a cooking base for the grill. These table tops are made from durable materials which will not release toxic vapors like some paints do, and will not transfer the heat to other parts of the table, so it is safer for kids and others to sit or touch around.

If you are planning to place a portable grill on a table, try to lift it so the base of the grill will be as far as you can from the table top.Make sure the grill is stable, do not place he legs on floppy objects, a charcoal grill which falls is a sure way to endanger people around it with burns.

Safe Outdoor Grilling Table

Grill table for outdoor cooking

  • Includes durable carrying case.
  • High strength light weight steel frame.
  • Quick and easy to set up.
  • Keep everything you need to grill out in one place.

One mishap is not worth the trouble and agony of a grill flipping over or a table top set on fire. Get a light weight portable table for grilling and outdoor cooking. Don’t endanger yourself or your family.

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