How To Start The Garden Fire Pit With No Hassle or Danger


Safe Fire Pit Starters

Garden portable fire pit startersThere are many ways to start the fire inside the fire pit. Some of them are not to smart and can cause accidents. There have been people who have added a few cups of gasoline into the fire pit and when they tried to light it it exploded! Or those who have added so much paper that when it did catch fire the wind blew the burning paper all over their yard..

There are other ways which are safer and easier to start an outdoor fire. For the men reading this article, we can say, there is noting more masculine than a man who can start a fire in 2 minutes. Rather than someone who can’t light a fire and looks helpless trying. The kids would love to see their dad succeed, the wife would love to know her man ‘can do it’. When it comes to lighting a fire, we return to being cavemen…

Instead of figuring out how to do it, make sure to have at home a box of fire ignite sticks. There are several kinds which you can get online. Some of them have chemicals inside, which is OK unless you hate the smell or plan to do marshmallows around the fire pit.

Make Your Own Fire sticks

You can make your own fire sticks if you are out in the nature.

Natural Wood Fire Starters

Using natural wood fire starters is easier like lighting a match stick. They can be used for yard and garden fire pits, and for outdoor cooking and camping. You need to add a few of them under a pile for wood, set them on fire and watch them light the rest of the pile. They will burn in any condition, even if they are a little wet.

Fire starters sticksYou can get those sticks instead of preparing them – for example the FatWood fire starters:

Made from splitting the stumps of pine trees that contain a high concentration of natural resin.
100 percent natural.
No chemical additives.
Not affected by moisture and can be started with a match, even when wet.

Click here to get a box of fire starter sticks.

Do not try to light fire with fuels. They can ignite and explode. The fire pit will smell funny for long time if the fuel is absorbed in the wood. The smoke will be darker and smelly.

If you love outdoor cooking, camping or BBQ grilling. The fire starter sticks are something to have near by.

Or if you do not want any mess, you can prefer a propane fire pit, which does not need any fire sticks to light.

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