How To Set up a Lounge Movie Theater in The Backyard


Turn Your Backyard To a Movie Theater

One of the greatest ideas you can do this summer in your backyard, is to turn it to an open movie theater. It is probably more easy than you think, and it is more fun than you may expect. Follow these tips and get the necessary items and in a couple of days your back yard could turn into the coolest movie theater in the neighborhood.

If you have kids, this can be a great way to keep them happy and popular. Everyone in their class would love to come over and see a movie out in the yard. For the parents its a convenient solution also, the kids who come over eat outside and talk loudly outside, and all the mess is outside.

What Do You Need For a DIY Yard Theater?

Camp chef backyard cinema screen

Camp Chef – Backyard Portable Cinema Screen

The most important accessory for a backyard cinema is.. a wide screen. Without it there is no cinema and the movies will look bad. You can do it yourself, by spreading a white sheet over a frame which you can make. But don;t expect the guests to be too enthusiastic about it.. if you really want to watch movies under the clear dark skies, you may want to get a real projector screen.

These are not expensive and it will upgrade any movie into real life cinema quality. You have to chose how wide and how large you want the screen to be.

Here is a 84″ X 84″ Projection Screen – Manual Pull Down 119″ Screen. Note that these screens need to be placed by a wall, or the bottom part may sway in the wind.

If you have a windy backyard, the best solution would be a fixed screen for outdoor use. Here is one of the most popular large portable folding screens for backyard cinema – Camp Chef. (See video below).

Projector For Home Cinema

Mini Led Projector for backyard movie theater

Mini Led Projector (for backyard movie theater)

Now that you have a wide screen on which you can view the movies, you need to have a projector. Most of the projectors would do the job for a humble theater in the backyard.

The specs are not so important, most of the fancy expensive projectors are for professional conferences rooms. Your lounge cinema in the garden can settle for a $100 projector. The mini LED ones are really favorable, and light weight.

Check here 130″ Mini LED Projector, 800lumens (supports HDMI USB AV SD IR Port)

Sitting Lounge For Cinema Guests

Now that the tech part is settled you need to create the sitting area for the cinema. If you have a summer patio sitting area, than you just need to turn the patio furniture into the right direction. This will allow you to sit comfortably have your drinks and snacks close by, and enjoy a pleasant cool evening with your favorite movie heroes.

One other cool idea for a backyard cinema lounge is to prepare a soft cushions lounge for a relaxed night movie watching. You need some wide soft cushions and a really low coffee table so your food and drinks would not be on the ground. You do not want to attract all the ants and midgets to your snacks and soda drinks.

You can place a wide mat under the cushions, so it will be pleasant to lay down without to worry if there are crawling creatures under you.

Bean Bag Chairs For Maximum Fun

Cozy sack bean bag chairs for cinemaThe best sitting area you can create for a backyard theater would be to throw a few large bean bag pillows around.

These is the most comfortable lounge solution for lazy people who watch a movie in their private backyard.

Click here and find which of the dozen colors fits your yard cinema and yard theater design.

The beanbag is so comfortable, that you will not want to rise up. Once the movie is over everyone would stay deep in their poof.

Now that everything is ready you need to get your favorable movie disk or file and have a great night at the movies.

Click here and get the Camp Chef portable folding wide screen, and then all the rest of the accessories.

More things to think about: You many need a long electricity cord to the projector, and an outdoor fan to cool you outside, scent sticks to keep the mosquitoes and night bugs away.

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