How To Protect Your Outdoor Fire Pit Through Winter


Outdoor Fire Pit Winter Covers

Outdoor fire pit fire place portable One of the best ways to extend the leisure time outside deep into fall and in to winter is to add a fire pit to your patio. These fire pits will be an attraction for family time, relationship moments and a fun new way to invite friends for a patio party.

But how do one keep the outdoor fire pit during winter, when rain begin to fall and snow is expected. it is wise to make sure the patio fire pit is covered, safe and secure, until it’s time to lite the fire again.

There are two main fire pits, portable and fixed. If you are a portable fire pit, the best way when the season is over is to store it in a dry place. Once you have put it in a safe place from winter elements it will not have to mange rust and humidity.

Preparing Portable Fire Pits For Winter

If the portable fire pit is too large to move around, then it needs to be covered at winter. you do not want the fire pit to become a fish pond.. The iron could catch rust, the standing water can smell, leaves and debris will make it unpleasant to use.

If it’s a gas fire pit, then you need to prepare it for the winter, by detaching the gas pipes and hose from the bottom of the pit. Cover the openings with waterproof nylon and seal properly. You do not want humidity to be clogged inside.

Winter fire pit coverYou need to cover the fire pit bowl with a durable winter cover. The cover needs to be waterproof, and needs to have strings and bands to tight it to the base of the fire pit, otherwise gushes of winds may throw it away.

A smart way to cover the outdoor fire pit is to place a large object in the fire bowl before you cover it. By this you eliminate the water pooling on the bowl. The water will run from all sides and not pool in the middle.

Fixed fire pits are more difficult to cover as they sometime are places in a concrete base, which is more hard to cover. You can use larger patio furniture covers which have a larger radios and size, to cover such fire places. Placing an object in the bowl will again keep water from pooling inside.

Cover The Log Rack From Weather Elements

log rack winter coverBeside the fire pit, when winter strikes, you should cover the log pile rack. These will keeps firewood stable, safe, and off of the ground away from dampness and bugs. So you can choose when to light a fire, and know the logs are dry and ready for use.

You may also want to cover the patio chairs and cover the patio stand up heater, as they are all parts of the same set. Once the weather is suitable for an evening by the fire, you can easily uncover them all, have dry seats and a stand up heater ready for you and for your guests.

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