How To Prepare Your Patio & Backyard For Winter


Preparing Your Patio Toward Winter

Like every year homeowners throughout the country will begin preparing their patio and backyard for winter. The patio preparations include covering furniture, securing pools, cleaning gutters and getting cold season accessories to help manage through the winter.

Preparing The Gutters For First Rains

gutter cleaning Before winterThe first thing you might want to do is to clean the gutters from summer debris. This can be done latter on, but it is recommended to do it before the first rains, for two main reasons. When the debris is dry, it is easy to be removed, it’s less sticky and less heavy, a few high pressure flushes with a garden hose attachment, and the dirt flows away.

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Once the rain begins, the dirt becomes wet, sticky and harder to remove. The second reason is that if your gutters are filled with leaves and dirt, the water overflows and may drain down your walls or roof. It is better to be ready with clean gutters and downspouts before the heavy rains begin to fall.

Storing All The Outdoor Furniture

single patio chair coverIn a few weeks clouds will be grey and dripping, all the outdoor furniture if not attendant to, will get soaked. The autumn is the time to prepare for furniture winter storing. This means you need to decide where you are planning to store the patio chairs, the table, the grill and the space heater.

If you plan to store keep them outside, they will be exposed to winter elements and they should be covered by outdoor covers. There are special covers for patio chairs, one by one or piled up. Clean the cushions with mild soap and water dry them thoroughly before storing them. Wood furniture should be covered with a new coat, iron patio furniture can be covered with wax spray, to help keep rust away.

BBQ grill cover outdoor coverThe grill needs to be covered too with special grill covers for winter. If you plan to store the grill in a garden shed or garage you need to detach the propane cylinders and keep the propane outside. If you expect a harsh winter with very low temperatures you can keep the propane indoors but make sure their storing place is well ventilated.

Taking Care Of Winter Flying Objects..

In-Ground Winter Pool CoverBefore the snow blizzards hit, take a tour and look at the garden trees. Are there dead branches? Loose roofing, and summer damage needs to be fixed. At winter winds get stronger, snow can pile up, rains and water have ability to find any crack to drip through. You need to prepare the backyard for all of these.

If you have an inground pool or a patio hot tub jacuzzi, they need to be covered. Pool covers are also a safety precaution for children and pets. Loose electric wires need to be fastened.

Preparing Sub Zero Winter Accessories

Winter hose heaterIf you know the winter temperatures will be dropping below zero, NOW is the time to be prepared. One item usually overlooked by many is a outdoor hose heater. These are very convenient when temperatures get low below freezing, and running water are still needed for watering, filling pools & hot tubs, giving water for pets and farm animals.

The All Seasons Hose Heater is needed in northern states and farms. Every one needs water at their patio or yard, but when pipes freeze, and water in the hose freezes you are left helpless confronting mother nature.

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