How to Pick The Right Stand Up Heater For Your Patio


What Is The Right Stand Up Heater For You

If you have a patio or a backyard, you certainly know how enjoyable it is to sit around, eat, drink and read in the open fresh air. But as soon as temperatures begin to drop, or autumn winds begun to blow, staying outside becomes less pleasurable. Inviting friend or having dinners when it’s chilly becomes less attractive.

You can enjoy your patio more nights even in the fall, by warning the air with powerful space heaters. These stand up heaters spread peasant cozy warmth all around them. Once you have a stand up patio heater, it can be used on the porch, patio or poolside garden.

There are three main kinds of standup heaters for outdoor needs:

  • Propane heaters
  • Electric heaters
  • Natural gas heaters

Here we will review them and help you sort out which kind of heater is best for your needs.

Natural Gas Heaters Pros & Cons

Natural Gas Stand Up Heater For PatioThese standup heaters have a permanent natural gas hose connected to them. The main pro is that there is no hassle with cylinder changing and no mess with fueling or getting stuck without a cylinder or fuel.

You should buy one from a known manufacturer and make sure the item has auto shut down when the heater is tilted. This means that if the heater is topped over and falls, the heater will automatically be shut down.

These natural gas heaters should have a high energy heating ability – over 40,000 BTU. The heat range you may need depend on the place you plan to put the heater, if it’s on the porch a 10-12 feet might be enough, for poolside setting outdoor and more gushy winds, 15-0 feet range is better. Most of the stand up heaters have wheels installed so the system could be safely moved around.

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The main con is that the natural gas heaters need the gas hose to reach them. This is not too safe when there are running kids at home; or elderly people who might trip over. The fact that the system must be connected to a gas hose means you can not place it where ever you like but just where the hose reaches.

Propane Patio Stand Up Heaters

Propane Stand Up Heater For PatioThe propane stand up heaters are more common than the natural gas. They are safe and simple to use. Once you insert the propane cylinder you can be sure to enjoy hours of constant heating where ever you like. Since the heater is “cordless” you can enjoy heater anywhere in your garden, move it around depending on your needs.

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The main con for propane heaters is that propane cylinders will eventually empty, and need to be replaced. Bringing new one, changing cylinders, getting less energy as the pressure gets lower. Some people prefer to avoid this, and get natural gas or electric heaters instead.

Electric heating Solutions For Patio

Electric Stand Up Heater For PatioThe electric heating solutions are simple, safe and easy to use. Their main advantage is they are cheaper to buy but electric bills are less friendly to pay. Electric heaters do not “run out of gas/propane”, they are slim and can fit into the sun umbrella hole in any standard patio table. So you can place it and sit around the table while every one gets the same amount of heat.

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The main cons for electric heaters are that they can be placed only where an electric cord or power reaches. Only propane heaters can be placed anywhere without limitation of hose or cords. Electric can be expensive, and less safe when raining.. gas and propane are better for such wet weather.


Electric heaters are less powerful than gas! Cold weather evening of Minnesota are not like cold evening in California. If you want feel warm on freezing nights or days, the gas heaters tend to be a better solutions.

If you tend to move around and sit in different places in your patio, then a propane heater would better as they can be moved anywhere without cords running behind them. If you prefer the heater to be in the middle of your patio table, the electric heater will be best for this purpose.

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