How To Make Your Patio Safe From UV Radiation


Reduce Patio UV Radiation To Minimum

Every parent knows that one of the most dangerous and harmful side effects of UV exposure can be skin cancer. While at home we do so much effort to keep our kids and ourselves safe, we cannot allow this issue to be calmly overlooked. Being exposed to daily doses of UV is very unhealthy and can result in long lasting damage and skin diseases.

How can one reduce the amount of UV in their backyard? Well there are several solutions which can be done, to reduce the solar glare and radiation.

Use Solar Shading Canopy Sails

solar UV light shade for backyardFor permanent shading it is best to use UV solar shading canopies. These are large sails which cover a portion of the yard and filter UV. The shade under them is UV-free so the kids and you can sit and enjoy a beautiful day outside, without the side effects of skin redness, excessive tanning and skin burns.

You need to know that UV can reflect off shinning  surfaces like the pool water or from a white wall or glass door reflection. The UV canopy sail will not filter UV light which reflects from the sides.

But if placed correctly the solar blocking canopy sail should block most of the UV during the peak radiation hours which are noon + – 2 hours (10:00 – 14:00).

UV sun fading fabric spray protectionYou can even add extra protection to these shades or any other fabric shades you have or use to filter sun UV, by applying UV protective coat to the fabric.

This liquid spray will add UV protection to any fabric, so you are better off.

Sun Umbrella and Temporary Yard Shading

Not everyone has the right facilities to harness a large UV shade canopy to the back yard. But anyone with a backyard can make sure they have a large sun UV filtering umbrella to reduce the amount of UV they absorb outside.

Solar UV sun umbrella for back yard patioA sun umbrella can be placed anywhere, and moved when it is needed. So if you inflate a small pool for your kids, open a UV filtering sun umbrella above them. If you are having guests and sit outside, add the UV shade for everyone’s well being.

Cheap sun umbrellas have usually small diameter, so only 1-2 people can enjoy a shade in the same time, and once the sun has moved their shading efficiency drops.

If this your only UV protection for outdoor sitting or pool time, it is worth to invest in upgraded sun umbrellas. For example this solar UV sun umbrella (see image) creates up to 95 square feet of shade! This should be enough to shade a dining table for 6-8 people. Or cover the inflatable pool under it.

The vertical tilt of a sun umbrella is important as the sun moves and the solar glare needs to be kept off.

The solar UV filtering umbrella blocks less UV than the large solar canopy, but is far better than any other solution. The alternative to keep absorbing UV by your or your family is not an option. Those with fair skin, red hair gingers or blond hair with less skin pigmentation are in the risk group for skin threats.

You can enjoy your yard everyday and as much as you like, as long as you know to watch out from solar UV radiation. Would you buy a car with no airbags? Personal safety and well being should include your backyard too.

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