How To Make Sukkah Decorations In Minutes


Do Sukkah Decorations In Minutes

Sukkah Decorated In Israel

Image By RonAlmog from Israel [CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Sukkot is a Jewish holiday in which a small booth is built in the back or front yard. The booth should be a temporary place, with a vegetation based roof called in Hebrew ‘Sechach’.

It is a custom during Sukkot (That’s the name of the holiday) to prepare and hang decorations inside the Sukkah, so it is delightfully welcoming others to visit.

How To Build a Kosher Sukkah

The Sukkah has to be built according to some rules in order for it to be 100% Kosher. The main rule is that it has to be built under the sky and not under another roof, the Sechach roof should be made of vegetation (like bamboo or tree branches) and the stars could be seen through the roof at night (making the booth a temporary place) like the Israelites had when they left Egypt and wandered through the desert.

The decorations could be anything you wish, there is no specific religious guidelines for the decor of the Sukkah. It is a tradition that the children of the family prepare the decorations in the 5 days between Yom Kippur and Sukkot. Once the Sukkah is ready the whole family decorates it. The main tradition is inviting guests to the Sukkah, to eat and sleep inside it. This tradition is called Ushpizin which means is “guests” in ancient Aramic language.

Decoration Ideas For The Sukkah

The decorations could be anything which is colorful and anything which is meaningful.

  • Hanging fruits (like pomegranate, or apples)
  • hanging honey cans ( for a sweet year, like blessed at Rosh Hashanah)
  • Images of Jerusalem, Western Wall, Temple Mount, of Israel
  • Paper cutouts of Shofar (Ram’s Horn)
  • Paper cutouts of pomegranates or apples
  • Paper chains – All sorts and crafts.
  • Hanging Arba Minim (Four Spices) branches of Hadass, Arava, Etrog fruits, and Lulav.
  • Children drawings
  • Light decorations – Led light strings.
  • Paper lanterns, with or without LED lights in them.

Colored paper decoration for sukkotMost of the decoration children make can be done with any paper. The most colorful chains are those done with colored paper, these sheets of paper are cut and glued in simple designs which create long paper strings.

Order here from Amazon a 500 paper pack to create your Sukkah paper chains.

How To Make a Sukkah Paper Chain

Here is an illustrated 1-2-3 explanation how to create a colorful designed paper chain. The main advantage of the is chain is that its very easy to make, and the kids can do endless chain in multiple colors.

You can use the colored paper pack shown above or use any paper you like. Some even cut strips off fashion magazines and make a recycled paper chain.

The first step is to cut strips about 1 inch wide and 10-15 inches long.

Sukkot Decoration There are two ways to create the rings, either by a stapler (faster & cleaner) or by gluing the two sides together with paper glue. Kids prefer the paper glue, it is easier for them than pressing the stapler.

Sukkot Fast Decoration IdeasYou can add as many rings as you want, you can make the chain colorful by adding random colors or create a single color chain decoration.

Sukkot Easy Decoration IdeasIn Israel kids create very long paper chains, some of which are a 10-30 yards long! It is a creative way to sit the whole family and prepare decoration, it can be a chance to invite other children from the school to prepare the sukkah decoration with your kids.

Sukkot Decoration Ideas

Easy & Fast Decoration Ideas For Sukkot

Sukkot Decoration Book- jpgThere are decorations which are even faster and easier than this, you can find more ideas like this one in a Sukkot Decoration Book, which includes both the illustrated explanations and the colored paper needed to make them.

The Sukkot Do It Yourself Book has 100 pages with decoration ready images, just cut and decorate.

Ready made cutouts of pomegranates, Shofar and Hebrew welcome banners for the Sukkah. Decorated colored pages you can cut and follow the lines to create exquisite decorations in minutes.

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