How To Improve Front Yard Security With light Projectors


Make Your Front Yard Secure With Light Projectors

front yard motion detector lights systemYou can increase your front yard security by adding bright light projectors. These lights when connected to a motion detector can deter intruders and trespassers from entering your property. All you need to know is how to properly arrange the outdoor security light so it will serve as a illuminated barrier for unwanted trespassers. Here are some techniques and ideas for ensuring your yard is protected with the proper lighting.

1. Be sure to purchase brilliant, bright lights. When shopping online for security lights for your yard, check the “lumen” (or Lm) rating on the package. Lights will have a wide range of lumen which is the amount of visible light a projector emits. The amount of light by itself is not a stand alone factor, the area which you intend to illuminate is an important factor too. If your front yard has a large lawn which you want to be covered, you may need a powerful floodlight projector with 20,000 lumen, if you want only the area close to your front door illuminated, then a 100-300 lumen would be fine.

2. Choosing mains-powered lights versus battery-powered lights. Battery-powered lights offer convenience, as they do not require that you run cables across the yard to light them. Their main advantage is that you can locate them on trees, fence, or garage door which creates better security. You can choose which area to beam light on, and surprise any intruder. If you do install these lights in unconventional locations remember that batteries would be needed to be changed eventually…

Electric powered lights will keep working for many years, especially those with LED bulbs which do not get warm and are energy efficient. Their main pros are the amount of light they produce, and the large area they manage to cover by a single projector. We would recommend placing electric power lights on high poles so their light will cover larger areas. If they are placed in lower locations they can cause a bright glare in the intruders eyes.

3. Choose LED lights instead of incandescent lights. LED lighting can be an excellent option as it provides plenty of brightness without using up too much of electrical power. These bulbs last long and keep your electricity bill from skyrocketing. Most of the battery operated security systems use LED lights.

4. Use security lighting with sensors. There are two types of sensors, motion sensors and light/darkness sensors. The darkness sensors are great for lights you want to be on all night. When it gets dark, the lights will lite up automatically. This way, you do not have to remember to turn the lights on or off each day. If you are out late, this can be a real lifesaver. Your lights will automatically turn on when it gets dark, so you can rest assured your front yard is brightly lit without you having to set yourself a daily reminder.

The motion-detection, are like “intruder booby traps” they will turn on if a trespasser is detected on the property. These can be located in different areas on the front lawn, or driveway, so any person walking would be detected. If they have evil intentions, knowing they had been detected so soon, may cause them to change their mind.

Mr Beams Motion Sensor Lights

front yard motion lights These tips will help you improve your home and yard security. It is usually worth it to spend extra money on security lighting than to skimp on it, as your property and your family’s safety is at stake.

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Security High Power Outdoor LED FloodI will save you the tech bla bla if you wish to have your front yard flooded with bright light, than you need these kind of projectors – High Power Outdoor LED Flood Lights which has 20,000 lumen but low electricity requirements.

Combine these lighting suggestions with an alarm system for the best protection.

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