How To Enjoy a Patio Dinner With NO Flies


Get Rid Of Flies Around Your Patio Table

House fly on patio table One of the worst things which can ruin any outdoor patio dinner would be storms of flies disturbing you and your guests. Flies are usually around during warm summer days, they seem to be coming to any patio dinner you have. In a matter of seconds when the food is placed on the table, and the first fly shows up.

Flies are not only a nuisance but can carry diseases and other related troubles:

Diseases carried by house flies include typhoid, cholera and dysentery. Other diseases carried by house flies include salmonella, anthrax and tuberculosis. House flies have also been known to transmit the eggs of parasitic worms. See more.

So having them landing on your food or on your dishes is something you should avoid. If you are suffering from house flies arriving to walk and buzz your patio meal or BBQ dinner, than you should know there are some solutions which can keep them away or at least reduce their presence.

See hundreds of flies caught in a home made trap! Though useful, but not a trap I would like to add near my patio table…

Get Rid Of Them By Fly Killers

Electric Traps Fly killer for patio One of the ways to reduce their presence is to hand a blue light insect killer near the table. As much as the flies are attracted to the scent of the food, they are attracted to the bright blue light. This is very effective during the evenings and night. These electric fly killers can zap dozens of flies daily! The device has no side effects on your dinning.

If you are suffering from flies around your patio, click here and buy a small effective device can help you get rid of most of the flies.

It is useful also to get rid of bugs, mosquitoes and any other flying insects in your patio.

Patio food Fly Repel Bugs SticksAnother way to get rid of flies around the patio meal is to light fly repellant scent sticks. These have natural scents which repel flies and other flying insects.

Because the blue-light electric zapper is less effective during day time, and you may want to have a pleasant meal outdoors during noon hours, the scent sticks can assist you reduce the flies around the table.

Order here a pack of fly repellent scent sticks. They are more effective during day time than the electric blue light zapper shown above.

Lite a few of these around the meal area or BBQ table and the scent will repel flies from flying and crawling over your dishes. The sticks have environmentally-safe scent.

Patio Table Canopy Fly Net

umbrella flies bugs screen for patio tableOne of the best solutions you can have to eat daily in the patio and not suffer from dozens of flies walking over your food, is to have a set of patio sitting area fly net. These fly nets come in a long mesh which covers any round table and seats from 360 degrees. So the flies may smell the food but can not reach it!

So you can have a peaceful dinner with all the trays, pots, and servings open without dozens of flies joining your meal.

Click here and order your fly net canopy to cover the patio or garden table. Check the umbrella size and diameter wide enough for your needs.

The fly screen canopy covers the whole table and chairs, it will prevent any other flying insects like mosquitoes and bugs away too.


Even if you have enough fly traps around your sitting area, it will only reduce the amount of flies around, but will not prevent new ones to arrive on your table. Fly traps are great to control the amount of flies but will not eliminate them nesting on your meal.

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