How To Enjoy a Cool Sun Umbrella During Summer


Installing a Portable Mist Cooling To Sun Umbrella

During the steaming hot sweaty days of summer, being outside is both a miserable idea and a dream for many. The sun is too warm, the shade is too scarce, and being under direct UV is dangerous. In these conditions there is no doubt that being outside becomes a horror thought instead of a pleasant one. But there are rather low cost solutions which you can implement right away, to cool down the temperature at your back yard, so you could enjoy the summer outdoors.

Get a UV Sun Umbrella

The first thing you need is a UV sun umbrella. Not every sun canopy blocks UV. Actually most of them don’t. So being under a canopy which gets the UV filtered and blocked is highly recommended. If you plan BBQ dinner outside, and know you and your family are going to spend many hours in the sun, the long term damages of UV should cross your mind.

You need to look for the UPF rating which is 40-50. These are the highest Ultraviolet Protection Factor available. These will block most of the harmful UVA and UVB. You should know that some UV may reflect from the pool water or from other reflecting surfaces (white walls, glass doors). So wearing UV clothes or adding a sun screen when outside is wise.

Sitting under a wide UV sun umbrella canopy, can itself reducer the air temperature in several degrees.

Sun Umbrella With Built In Mist Cooling

A sun umbrella with a built in cooling mist system, is the most perfect way to decrease temperatures in sweaty hot summer days. But you do not have to buy an expensive mist cooling system embedded in an umbrella. You can do it yourself in a fracture of the investment.

Cooling the Sun Umbrella Sitting Area

Mist cooling system for sun umbrella canopyHaving a sun UV blocking umbrella is better than a regular umbrella. But if you have a regular one, you can still make it more pleasurable under it during summer. One of the best solutions may be adding a portable cooling mist system to the sitting area.

Those who have a patio may want to install a permanent mist cooling system for summer. These are extremely effective and very low cost to purchase and install.

The portable mist cooling vaporize tiny droplets of water into the air, this spray of cool water into the air, immediately cools the air. The temperature under such systems drops by 10-20 degrees. The warm winds become a cool breeze, and a shade becomes a pleasant place to sit in.

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Mist cooling for sun umbrellaThe main pros of such a cooling system is that it can be added to any existing sun umbrella. The sitting area can be placed anywhere in your garden or yard as long as the hose will reach it for constant water supply. The portable mist does not need electricity, the water pressure creates the cooing fog effect needed.

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This would be much cheaper to install and use, than portable air conditioning device which throw mist via large built in fan.

We wish you a cool summer and lots of shaded dinners in your backyard.

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