How To Dress Up Your House For Halloween Party


Unique Halloween Party Decor Ideas

If you are throwing a Halloween house party, you need to prepare the right house decor for the event. Dressing up the house for Halloween is not a big deal, and anyone with the right props and some imagination, can do a wonderful decor that will cause your guests to be horrified and regret they accepted your invitation.

Here are a few Halloween house decoration ideas which you can implement at your home, to spice up the event and elevate a spooky atmosphere.

The Halloween Cobweb Entrance

Hairy spider decorationg halloween ideaIf you have a front porch, or an entrance lane, you can cover it with soft cobwebs, stretched and raw. Some of the cobweb may be loose and swinging in the winds. They are scary to touch. If you plan the route your guests will he doing, you can force them to pass through some cobweb strings, and get them goose bumps as they approach your doorstep. These cobwebs could be used inside or outside, and are easy to assemble. They get better when stretched well.

To get some more chills from your guests you can add giant spiders with LED light eyes to the entrance of your home.

In the cobweb you can add bats, witches broomstick, witches hats, pots, rats, black cats, bones and skeletons. All these props at the entrance will prepare the neighborhood kids for a unique trick or treat!

Halloween Silhouette Window Decors

An impressing kind of decor for your Halloween party, is Halloween Window Silhouette Hanging Man with a scary silhouette images. There are several images with adding them to your front or back windows, are a thrill! The best images are those that give a filling there is a hanged body inside the room. They are scary and horrifying because they look real in first glance.

The simple black and white silhouette of a body hanged, or a dead person arms, are most scary. But if you wish a window decor that will not cause the neighbors to call 911, there are also window decoration curtains of: Cat eyes, green demon, scary haunted faces.

One more popular decoration, is the horrible mummy crushing against the patio doors! This one comes in a double door film decoration, and not an image one will want to see in a dark room.

halloween patio door decor

If there is a curtain one needs to move, the mummy staring back will force a scream from any surprised guest. It is easy and fun to use them and decorate areas which most people leave unattended – Their windows!

Halloween Crime Scene DecorationAnother cool idea for Halloween house decor, is also a realistic prop, which can scare the shit out of any person crossing your front yard or entering your house. Isolating your stairway, your front yard, front lane, garage with yellow “Crime Scene Do Not Cross” tape! Anyone who sees these will not be sure if they are real or not, is this a crime scene? or Halloween house decoration?

To create a greater effect, you can add red “blood” splashes all over walls, or a blood trail leading to an axe, a chop knife, a body or an animatronic Halloween prop at the end of the lane. Your friends will be smiling at the decoration until the automated prop will jump at them! These animatronic props have a IR (infra red) sensor once it feels your guests are less than 6 feet away – the prop does a sudden move and makes a scary sound! When confronted with such a prop, a scream will be well heard!!

Animatronic Scary Moving Props

Creepy Animatronic propThese are real life size scary props. They do cost a little more but they are the party rockers! Adding any of the available moving animatronic decorations can give an innocent surprised guest a heart attack!

Some props jump fast, others creep slooowly, some speak ina soft voice others have a harsh laugh. No matter which automated Halloween prop you add to your house party, the most important thing is LOCATION. Where you place it.

Here is an example of the Creeper Rising Animated Halloween Prop!

See it in action:

For the best effect, create a scenario, like sending your guests to bring some more beer from back room.. or sending them to the garage, when the lights are not working.. allow the prop to do the rest!!


Have a great party!!

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