How To Destroy Ant Colonies in The Yard


Get Rid Of Ant Colonies in The Yard

Keep ant Colonies Away from Patio and lawnIf you have ants crawling all over your patio and garden, than you know its a pest which has come to stay. These ants build large underground colonies under your lawn and patio, there they reproduce and grow, and when there are enough of them, they search for places to build new colonies.

Soon there are thousands of ants everywhere and they seem to keep coming no matter what you do.

There are natural remedies to get rid of ants. If you feel like trying all kind of experiments with natural ingredients you are welcome. Some of them probably do work, others may be just temporary solutions. There are endless recipes for ant killer liquids. You have to mix black pepper, and baking soda and bleach and mix them all up, and pour this on the colony. Other suggest pouring boiling water on the entrance to the colony.

People who choose these kind of natural solutions do not want to spray their whole garden with toxic chemicals. They are right. If you have children or pets like cats, dogs or birds, you do not want to spray poisonous chemicals all over the lawn or places other pets or kids can reach. But in many cases you do not know where the colony is, and if it is the only colony down there, or if it has other entrances and exits from which the ants will keep coming.

Use Guerrilla Tactics To Get Destroy Ant Colonies

There are other solutions which are faster and require less hassle to get rid of the ant colonies in your garden. These solutions are fast and effective, but are not “natural”. They use smart ant killer tactics to get rid of the whole colony and not just kill a trail of walking ants.

Using ant baits which the ants take with them back to the colony as “food” you can destroy a whole colony within a few days. You do not have to know where the colony is. It can be deep under your lawn or deep under the drive way. All you need to do it place some ant bait in areas in which the trail passes by, and let the ants feed on the gel.

The ants will find the baits because it has a strong scent which ants pick up in their constant search for food. They will reach the bait and carry it with them back home. While they believe they found a juicy stake or grain of sugar, they will be carrying the ant killer to their colony.

Inside the colony the ants feed the next generation, and feed the large queen. They will all be killed so the colony will cease to exist within a few days.

Ant Killer For Yard Lawn and GardenHere is one of the most popular and effective an killer solutions you can find at Amazon. These are surprisingly cheap compared to the distress they manage to solve.. or compared to bringing a professional person to do this for you.

This ant killer gel comes in an easy to use tube, which you can squeeze to places the ants walk by. Get it right way from

There are also the ant baits which you can use in your ho and garden. These are very popular too and they are delivered in many packs and sizes.

ant colony killer that worksDepending on the size of your yard and ant problem you should choose the right size for your needs. Here is the basic 6-baits pack of the   TERRO Ant Killer Liquid Ant Baits (pre-filled). Use a few of these to destroy the ant colonies hiding around the yard or house.

Don’t give up on your fight for an ant free patio. You need to change the tactics and use advanced solutions. If you have pets or toddlers at home read the safety label to learn how to use these safely at home.

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