How To Decorate a 4Th Of July Pool Party


4th Of July Pool Party Decoration

When you plan a 4th of July pool party you need to take a thought about the decoration. The decoration should not be only at the back of the house, and around the pool, there are plenty of ways an ideas to add some Red-White-Blue decorations to elevate the atmosphere around the party.

Check this happy pool party for 4th of July!!

Road Signs On The Way To Your Party

You can begin to welcome your guests with party signs which begin a few junctions before they arrive. Try and keep the same format of images or titles for your email, Facebook and signs. The road signs can be posted all the way from the entrance to the neighborhood until your home. They do not have to be with arrows or guidance, unless many of the guests are new to your place.

4th Of July Lawn & Front Entrance Decoration

Fourth of july decoration flagIt is patriotic to welcome your party guests with USA flags and red white & blue strips decorations on the lawn and porch. There can be red white & blue ribbons from the trees, or a huge inflated airblown “Uncle Sam” welcoming your guests on the lawn. You can add 4th Of July lawn signs to greet the party guests.

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The front porch could be covered with red white & blue flowers newly planted in the flowerbeds. If you have the option even creating the US flag out of plants or mini flower pots arranged together.

The front door could be covered with a full scale flag, which is pinned to the door from top to bottom! The garage door could be decorated with a super giant stars and strips flag. There would not be a single guest in the party who would not get patriotic entering such a colorful prepared front yard.

Pool side Decoration For 4th Of July

The main decoration should be focused on the pool area. The flags and banners around the yard are too obvious. You can add pool noodles and pool floating beds in red white and blue.

4th of july decoration lantrensAdd red-white-and-blue lights, if your party is planned to reach the evening or start at the evening.

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There are flashing and blinking flags, with strings of LED lights in these colors. These strings of light could be used like Christmas lights to decorate the contour of the yard! Make sure electricity and water do not meet..

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These strings can be stretched on trees, fence, bushes, pathway, from the second floor to the first, contour the roof or patio.

Fun Pool 4th Of July Games

USA rubber patriotic pool gamesThere are ways to enhance the pool activity for a 4th of July event. If the party is in the day, you can add patriotic ducks to the pool for fun! These will float around your guests, they can be on the poolside sitting area.

You can have games like throwing them in and everyone jumps to fetch as many as possible.

Or to try and knock off a floating target by throwing patriotic ducks from the poolside.

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USA pool party floating boat 4th of JulyIf you have an independence day pool party, there should be at least one liberty boat in the pool.

These boats could be for sitting and watching a movie from the pool, or to play the pool games, or just to relax for those who had a couple of drinks.

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USA glowsticks for pool partyAs mentioned before if the party is in the night or evening, than lights and light effects are very important in your decoration preparations.

Except the light strings, there is one little trick which may be super cool and that is to add glow stick-lights  around the party area. They are very colorful and glowing for hours. They do not require any wiring or battery or anything so you can put them anywhere!

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One unique place can be IN THE POOL!! They are water resistant and can float or be submerged in the pool! Think how exciting it would be for guests to come and see the pool illuminated with red white and blue.

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