How To Cool The Patio With A Misting System


Cooling Your Patio With A Misting System

high pressure misting systemCooling the inside of your home is one thing, but this summer heat seems progressively relentless each and every year, right?

While staying cool inside might seem easy enough, what about those scorching hot temperatures out on your patio. Aside from sitting in a tub of ice or something similar, what exactly can you do?

Patio Cooling Options

There are all kinds of solutions, some of them more expensive than others. Systems can be installed to where your patio is essentially an extension of your home. Of course you can also enclose part of the patio to help with efficiency when it comes to cooling.

But what’s the idea of having a patio if it needs to be closed during the summer?

Closing the patio is not a real option for most people, it’s expensive and require a professional company to install and detach the temporary panels twice a year. Once the patio is closed the air conditioning is used and this can blow your bills off the roof. The patio will be leaking cool air and the A/C will have to work overtime to keep up. So what other cooling options can you consider?

A fan is nice but it does not cool the air, just blow it around.

Fog mist cooling systems. You’ve seen them at parks and other places, the misters, right? A mister is a neat little kit that mists you as you’re walking by or sitting or standing close by. You can have a misting system installed on your patio to help keep you and your visitors cool during the summer.

They aren’t too expensive, and they sure beat trying to enclose the space and installing an air conditioner. Your patio is, after all, supposed to be a space where you enjoy the outdoors. There are two types of cooling misters. Low pressure and high pressure systems.

Low Pressure Misters

Low Pressure Mist cooling system The simple ones which are less expensive and less fancy, are the low pressure misters. The kit is attached to your yard hose and the water come out of the nozzles in a wet mist.

The kit can be installed by anyone at home, and the tubes can run all along the gutter line. This portable cooling kit can be moved around, for example to cool a gazebo or to cool the area under the sun umbrella in your yard.

The low pressure misting systems consume less water than the high pressure kits, so you will be saving on water bills and electricity bills. Check here a DIY patio misting kit.

The downside of low pressure systems is that the mist they create has larger droplets than the high pressure systems. Larger droplets means it’s harder for the whole droplet to vaporize, and the mist can wet furniture and floors.

High Pressure Misters

high pressure Mist cooling system for backyard and patioThese systems require a pump to press the water through the nozzles. The mist which is created is very fine and evaporates better as thin fog which cools the air. The high pressure systems can mist larger areas of patio or yard, as the pressure is still high in the tubes even further away from the base unit.

The downside are that the primary installation may be more costly, as you need to add a pressure pump to the kit. If you do not have the technical know how, then a professional person is needed to do it right.

Another thing is that a pump requires electricity and makes noise. But when you install a high pressure patio misting system you will enjoy a stable cooling system, which can drop the air temperature by up to 30 degrees!

Misting Kits Conclusion

So when considering how to cool the patio, which option are you going to choose? Misting systems are truly your best option, but if you’re still looking for how to cool the patio besides using one of these systems, then you’re going to have to go more high end. Imagine sitting there in the summer sun, sipping on a drink and cranking up the barbecue, keeping things a few degrees cooler with your misting system.

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