How To Clean Pine Needles From Your Pool


 Clean Your Pool From Pine Needles

Pine tree needles in poolMany people who have a backyard pool in ground or above ground find that one of the most irritating type of debris floating in their water is pine needle leaves. The pine needles are thin and are more difficult to pick. When they are many of them in a pool they can clog filters and nozzles and create other problems.

Pine trees shed quite a lot of needles during the day. A gush of wind or a birds which lands on a branch can cause a thin rain of pine needles and seed leaves to land on the pool water.

A stormy weather can drop dozens of pine cones all around the yard, and in the pool too.

Prevent Pine Needles In your Pool

Pool cover for inground poolsWell you can not totally prevent pine trees to shed needles on your pool. But you can have a pool cover placed on the pool when not in use. The pool cover will decrease different kids of debris from scaling including pine needles.

You should consider to get a pool cover to keep your maintenance efforts and expenses low.

A pool cover for on ground pool will keep pool clean from bugs and other insects who do not how to swim.

Use a Net to Comb Pool Water

Pool cleaning net combingThe most simple way to keep the surface of the water clean is to ‘comb’ the water with a cleaning net. Not all cleaning nets are the same.

A good cleaning net should have a rank which will not bend or break. Easy glide rim to minimize the resistance of water, so you can skim the top or bottom of the pool in fluent strokes. Easy net flip to empty the debris to the garbage.

The net should have a wide opening to make it easy to catch more floating needles and insects. Before you go inside the pool use the pool cleaning net (seen above) to scoop out all the leaves which have fallen during the evening or morning, for a pleasant swim.

Use A Lightweight Cordless Vacuum

The third option to keep the pool clean from leafs and pine needles is a easy going pool vacuum cleaner. In most cases of on ground pools, or small Intex pools homeowners do not need a robotic cleaner to ride all night at the bottom of the pool, These systems are expensive and the added values of robotic cleaning are meaningless in small pools.

Small pool vacuum cleanerMany small pool owners prefer a small hand held vacuum cleaner, which can be used to vacuum the surface and bottom of their pool. The cordless vacuum can easily collect all the pine needles and other debris which float around.

It has a wide nose and a firm sucking engine which sends the dirt into a replaceable filter bag, which can be easily cleaned once vacuum is done.

When you get this small pools vacuum cleaner, note that you need to get the extension handle separately. If your pool is not too large or deep, then you do not need an extension to complete the pool cleaning task.

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