How To Clean a Intex Ultra Frame Pool


Keeping Your Intex Ultra Frame Pool Clean

One of the most popular pools in America (and maybe in the world) is the Intex Ultra Frame pool. These type of pools come in different sizes and shapes but they all have a similar features. They are all above ground pools people install for family fun.

Because these Intex pools are located mostly in back and front yards they are exposed to lots of dirt and debris. There are leaves falling to the water, bugs and insects drowned inside, if the water are not cleaned regularly, bacteria and algae may develop and grow quite quickly.

There are two types of cleaning. One is regularly cleaning the pool from dirt and insects. The other is cleaning the pool for winter storing. The main difference is that the daily cleaning is done while the pool is full of water, while the end of season cleaning is done once the pool is emptied.

Maintenance and Cleaning For Ultra Frame Pool

Owners of in ground pools usually reach a point where they keep a robotic cleaning vacuum near the pool. It rests on the poolside all day and at evening it is submerged and begins to skim the sides and bottom of the pool automatically. But people with Intex pools do not need such a costly gadget.

They need daily accessories to keep the pool clean so it would be fun to jump inside it during the weekends or even daily (usually kids).

Chemically Balanced Pool Water

The first thing you may want to take care of is to have your pool chemically balanced. You need to make sure the water have chlorine and pH levels checked and managed. The pump or filter do not clean the bacteria or algae.

Intex Pool Ultra Frame CleaningYou need to get the Krystal Clear Saltwater System. It can add chlorine to the water by a chemically reaction from salt in the water.

The system also does an electrolytically process, where water molecules are split into highly powerful oxidants which destroy organic contaminants such as bacteria.

The Krystal Clear Saltwater System (open in new window) is recommended for above ground pools.

This option is better than going to your local pool accessories store and buying chlorine and other chemicals to be added separately to the pool. These kind of chemicals somehow end up in skin irritations and other harsh side effects.

Electric Vacuum Cleaner for Intex Pools

As mentioned above, a sophisticated robotic cleaner is not a real option for Intex pools. The real solution is a hand held cordless vacuum cleaner for pools. The vacuum cleaner sucks in the water and the dirt, filters the dirt and debris and lets out the clean water. The dirt is kept inside a reusable bag which can be emptied later on.

INtex Ultra Frame pool vacuum cleanerThe vacuum works underwater thanks to a waterproof power cells which are also rechargeable. Se before your kids want to jump into the water, you can take the hand held vacuum and clean the new leaves and insects which had been added during the night.

You do not have to go inside the water in order to clean the pool, there is an extension pole which will help you vacuum the middle of the pool even when standing outside.

Watch a short demo of using a hand held vacuum cleaner for above ground Intex pool:

The hand held vacuum cleaner will pick up sand, leaves, insects and other pool UFOs floating dirt. Click here to get a hand held cordless Intex pool vacuum cleaner.

 Scooping Dirt With Cleaning Net + Rod

Pool cleaning net INtex PoolIt is always worth to keep by the pool a cleaning net with a long rod. When kids are in the water they might see something floating no one wants to touch, a cleaning net accessory will scoop it in seconds.

If the pool is rather clean, there is no need to bring the vacuum cleaner, the pool accessory cleaning net + rod will pick up the insects or leaves which have fallen lately into the pool.

Enjoy your summer!


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