How Secure Backyard From Intruders And Trespassers


Securing Your Yard From Unwanted Intruders And Trespassers

Unfortunately, too many people are now finding that their properties are being targeted by intruders. With that in mind, in this short article, we are going to briefly answer the question: How Secure Backyard From Intruders?

First Of All Erect a Fence

tall fence for yard securityOne of the simplest ways to stop intruders from entering your backyard it to erect tall fences around the perimeter. A tall fence will block away 90% of the non professional intruders who are armatures looking for a quick steal for some drug money.

The best way is to make it hard for them to reach your yard. A 100 cameras will not prevent an intruder like a good sturdy fence.

Fence spikes to secure yardIf your budget allows, you might want to consider adding spiked fencing, these will prevent people jumping over the fence.

Spikes can be seen, so the intruder will just look for an easier place to break into. So the fence does not have to be really tall, when it has spikes on the top.

Click here and get these “bird spikes” to add them to your yard fence as extra line of demotivating intruders. These fence spikes can be seen even by a drive through in the neighborhood.

Electric fence warning sign for yardYou may even consider an electric fencing. Note that not all the fence has to be electric, it is enough that only the top part would be live wire, to keep people from jumping over.

If you do use an electric fence, you have to make sure there are signs to warn intruders from this. These signs “beware of electric fence” have a very effective physiological effect on intruders. Get here a 10 pack for your yard!

Electric Security To Prevent Intruders

Security camera for yard and gardenPutting up security cameras is another good way to protect your backyard from invasion, however, unfortunately such cameras can be expensive and you will need to run power cables from your home in order to supply the cameras with the electricity they need to run.

Today WiFi and web routers cameras can transmit the videos to your phone, so you can be anywhere at home (or even at work), and still get a visual indication of any trespassing.

(see clip below).

These cameras have other benefits, they can be used to identify the intruder and help the police arrest and prosecute them. Since no one want to be recorded while doing a crime, armature intruders will pick other locations to rob. Make sure you have signs letting everyone know the yard is covered by cameras.

Add this 100-Watt Motion-Sensing Floodlight with Security Camera and Microphone as a video securing system to protect your yard and garden from trespassing intruders.

Fortunately, it is now possible to buy some very good imitation security cameras, which burglars find almost impossible to distinguish from real security cameras. Of course, in the event that an intruder trespasses on your property when you are using imitation cameras, you will have no video footage to hand over to the police. Add the same signs for fake security cameras as you would to real ones. Your main goal is to discourage and keep trespassers away.

A Guard Dog Can Prevent Unwanted Intruders

Guard dog fro securing your yardSome people use guard dogs to protect their backyards. However, a dog can cost its owner a lot of money over its lifetime. If you do not like pets than a dog is not for you. A dog can be a great guard, they bark, they smell intruders even when they are on the other side of a fence, dogs can growl and bite. 99% of the intruders would prefer not to break into a yard where there is a guard dog inside!

Even though a dog is probably the most effective way to secure your backyard, when you have a pet, you need to consider vets bills and food bills. You also need to ensure that you have enough time to provide the dog with the attention that it deserves.

dog sign security for homeIf you have a fierce watchdog, put a sign in your gate or yard fence, sometimes the thought of a large dog inside will help the intruder decide to pick another place to target.

Click here to get a sign like this to keep intruders off your yard.

Motion Sensor Light System For Yard

motion detector lights security MB393For night time security you may want to use motion light systems. These are very effective in deceasing trespassers motivation to approach a place at night which is well lit or has lights connected to motion detectors. Sneaking at night into a yard which suddenly turns into daylight by bright LED lights can make any intruder leave as fast as they can.

Click here to get a low cost set of 3-pack motion detectors with bright LED lights. These are easy to install and can be located anywhere in your front or back yard.

In this article, we have talked about a few ways in which you can effectively secure your backyard from intruders. Hopefully you have found some of the methods highlighted here helpful and will put them into action so that your property is not a victim of trespassing.

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