How Long Does Composting Take To Finish?


How Soon Can You Enjoy Your Fresh Composting

how fast to compostComposting is a great alternative to the landfill when it comes to getting rid of waste like fruit and vegetable scraps, egg shells and plant waste. When you are first getting started with composting, it can be hard to know what to expect. In particular, you may be wondering how long composting takes.

It turns out that the amount of time it takes for organic material to decompose depends largely upon the composting method that you use. Here is a quick rundown of each of the methods:

Hot Turn Piles – These piles decompose the most quickly, taking just 20 days to complete. However, they also require a lot of manual labor to keep turning the pile.

No-Turn Piles – Considered by most to be the easiest way to compost, with a no-turn pile, you just put everything in a pile and wait for nature to take its course. The only downside to this method is that it takes a long time — anywhere from 3 months to a year — for the process to complete.

Worm Bin – Having worms helps speed up the rate of decomposition. Depending on how many worms you have and how mature they are, this method can take anywhere from 1-3 months.

As you can see, there is no simple answer when it comes to how long composting takes. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a year, depending on the method that you choose. Before you start composting, it is well worth researching the various methods that are available to find the one that is the best fit for your lifestyle.

Be sure to consider not only composting times, but also the amount of work that is involved in maintaining your composting bin or pile.

Faster Composting Bins

Double cabin composter 2One of the best ways to begin composting is using a double compartment tumbling bin. These are easy to handle and maintain and in most cases will serve the fastest results. Make sure to add the right composite of leaves and kitchen scraps.

If you do not have a tumbling composter with dual compartments get one here from Amazon and make your life much easier. It will solve most of your frustrations and will produce compost faster than the alternative bins, which in some cases even cost more.

The rule of thumb is 2-3 piles of leaves (carbon) also referred to as ‘brown’ to one pile of ‘green’ scrapes (nitrogen) will ensure your mixture will turn eventually to a nice heap of compost.

You need a simple composter with two compartments so you can add ingredients from the kitchen to one compartment while the other pile is cooking. Make sure to tumble it every other day to let new fresh oxygen enter and feed the microbes.

One Month Composting

Twin Cabin ComposterA tumbling double compartment composter allows you to control the airflow and mixing the heap inside without the need for garden tools or getting dirty.

Just turn the handle and swirl the composter a few times, to speed up the decomposing process.

Do not soak the mixture with water, but do make sure it is moist. If it is too wet, add “browns” if it too dry add “greens” or wet it and mix it.

Your mixture could be ready within a few weeks, certainly sooner than leaving a mixture pile in your yard, or waiting until a pile will decompose without hard labor involved.

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