How Clean Patio Stone Pavers With Ease


Cleaning Patio Stone Pavers In Your Backyard

clean of debris from stone paverSummer is the time for fun in the sun. You move life mostly out doors. You even cook out, playing some of your favorite tunes, laying out in the sun, and sitting poolside. Everyone comes to your house to hang out in your outback oasis.

Just like inside your house, there’s housecleaning to do, like yard work, and even cleaning the patio stones. It can be a little disconcerting to see what might happen to those beautiful stones and pavers you installed last year.

Weeds sometimes grow between the stones. Moss might creep its way across your pavers. So, the question is how clean patio stone pavers.

Cleaning Patio Stone Pavers ASAP

First off, always ensure that you keep the surface fairly clean of debris. If it has been hot and dry out for some time, you may want to sweep more often to ensure dirt does not accumulate on your patio.

leaves blower and vacuumsAdditionally, after a good rain, when there is a lot of debris, such as leaves, branches, and mud left on your walkway, again, clean up quickly. What this does for you is makes less work down the road. It is easier to clean off the surface with an outdoor push broom now rather than contending with moss and mildew later.

Use a hand held leaf blower or vacuum to remove damp debris and leafs sticking to your pavers. Click here to get a hand held blower/ vacuum.

Do buy some polymeric sand, and sweep this between your dry and clean stone patio. This will prevent weeds from growing, and force ants and other wildlife to find a different route into your home.

Stabilizer Paver Stone Sealer

  • Eco-friendly, VOC-free, safe around plants & animals
  • Stabilizes hardscape paver & flagstone joints using basic materials for extended durability
  • Seals to protect & enhance hardscape paver & stone color
  • Inhibits weeds, insects & erosion in hardscape joints
  • Easy to apply using standard equipment


Invest in a good decent sealer for your patio stone durability.

Do invest in a product that interacts with the stone to keep it clean for the whole season. Such products as Wet & Forget require you apply one time and that is how clean patio stone pavers with ease. It will continue to work for you to prevent unpleasant spotting and staining.

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