Home Composting Vs Recycling? Which is Better?


Impact of Composting or Recycling at Home

Pine tree needles in poolRecycling is so very important, especially when it comes to materials that otherwise would end up in the landfill. However, not everything has to be recycled, as paper can make its way into your compost, helping to ease up the demands on recycling centers and beautifying your landscape and garden at the same time.

Of course, what most people don’t understand is that there should be another factor to consider, and that is a reduction in consumption. Grouping these three efforts together will help ensure that you have minimized your negative environmental impact. As for choosing to pursue composting vs recycling at home, you’re going to be on the lookout for any organic material that can be used.

Begin Composting at Home

Naturally, you aren’t going to start composting many of the materials you plan to recycle. While many people focus on recycling, organic composting is a step that is often passed up. People don’t realize all the benefits, or they don’t want to deal with the hassle. The benefits extend beyond your yard and help the environment in general, something people need to be educated about.

Composting teaches our children the cycle of life, that “garbage” and kitchen waste can be fertilizers for the yard which grows plants and food. It teaches which materials will decompose and which materials will remain as waste (like plastic and tin cans, and glass).

Perhaps you’re not wanting to pursue composting yourself. Well, you may not have known that you can still participate in many instances, at least with your yard waste. Yard waste can be picked up by the city to be used in other composting projects. Did you know that?

Today you can buy a home composter at Amazon and begin composting immediately. In fact there is no much science in it. You add 2 piles of yard leaves, and lawn waste (which are carbon based) with 1 pile of fresh fruits peels, coffee, egg shells and other organic kitchen waste (which are rich with nitrogen).

Double cabin composterAll this goes into your composter, (buy the ones which can spin and tumble). Make sure the mixture is moist, wet it with some water if it’s too dry, and let it “boil”.

The oxygen, the microbes and bacteria will decompose the waste. Tumble the mixture every 2-3 days. With the new home composter units, you do not have to mess and get dirty. Within a few weeks, your pile will be ready, deep brown compost ready to fertilize your pots and plants.

Economical Benefits of Recycling and Composting

Not only are there environmental benefits to both composting and recycling, but there are also many economical benefits as well. People often think they know everything there is to know about recycling, but you’d be surprised that you’re going to learn a few things if you look at the statistics and what has been discovered lately.

These to actions save money by reducing consumption, raising awareness to the stuff we throw away. The compost is used to fertilize the yard, which can support better growth of plants and flowers, and saving the need to purchase chemical fertilizers, and polluting the ground and environment.

Twin Cabin ComposterIf you haven’t started recycling or composting your waste, now is the time.

Get a home composter from Amazon, collect your yard and kitchen waste, and you will be supersized how much happiness it will bring to your life.

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