Halloween Tree Hanging Decorations


Ideas For Halloween Tree Hanging Decoration

If you have a front yard and look for decoration ideas for Halloween, using the trees to hang decorations is a good start. The trees are there, they are large and visible. If you can’t fight them.. join them! Use them as part of your outdoor house decorations.

Here are a few ideas how to use your front or backyard trees for Halloween decorations.

Add Lots of Hitchcock BIRDS To a Tree

Halloween crows bird props HitchcockGet dozens of black raven birds, and stick them to the tree in masses!

Anyone who is older than 35-40 knows the scary BIRDS movie by Hitchcock! Where the birds begin to appear and assemble then attack the children!

You can turn any branch in to a Hitchcock scary BIRDS scene by adding 24 of these black bird props.

Since they look real at first glance, they are the perfect decoration, easy to place, scary enough, and dress up any tree for the Halloween theme.

Here is the classic scene from the 1963 movie:

Fill The Tree With Hanging Bats

halloween tree decoration batsAnother way to decorate your trees is to add lots of bats! There are plenty kinds of bats at any Halloween store. You may want to tie them one by one from the tree top, so they all swing and move!

Think of a tree with has dozens of bats all around and between the branches. The effect can get even more intense if you place a spot light on the lawn and light the tree with the bats from the bottom! There will be lots of moving shadows adding to the spooky witches decoration. Check here for a complete set of Halloween hanging bats with eyes and hanging strings.

Spiders Crawling Or Ascending From Tree

Hairy spider decorationg for yard treesSpiders are known for their ability to slide down a cobweb! You can add to your trees giant spiders which have long hairy legs, and LED eyes, and design them in a scene.

Some may be crawling from the top of the trunk, others may be gliding down a cobweb from the tree top, spiders can be around the tree base. Since these are giant spiders one per tree is enough to create an effect. There is no need to fill each tree with lots of spiders.

Halloween Ghost LED Ornaments For Yard

I think it is the most easy Halloween decoration, but always a successful one. Hanging large size ghost ornaments from the trees, letting them swing gently in the Autumn breeze.

Soft silk or half transparent ghosts which hang from a treeĀ  high above the ground are always a smash! They can be sprayed with ‘glow in the dark’ paint so they will be seen during the night without any specific light accessory.

The animatronic ghosts ornaments can be cute for kids or more haunted for teen and grownups. You can add masks, lights, bats, spiders, witches brooms, bones and any other prop around the trees to add some emphasis on the decoration.


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